Add deep, water-fast color with our liquid dyes

Stahl’s liquid dyes enable manufacturers to add colors to leather that have good water-drop fastness, among other high-performance properties and include products from our Supronil® and Eukesolar® ranges.
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Liquid dyes for leather are applied after tanning and are normally transparent, so can only be used to dye the leather a darker shade. Our liquid dyes offer a range of deep shades for lasting, resistant color, enabling manufacturers to produce high-quality leather products for the apparel, accessories and interior design industries.

Supronil® liquid dyes for water-drop fastness

Stahl’s Supronil® portfolio includes both the Supronil® LD-5900 and Supronil® HP 5500 ranges. These dyes are available in a range of colors, especially blacks, blues, browns and reds. In particular, they offer good water-drop fastness (in the case of the HP 5500 range, after MA-22-122). Several of these dyes also have strong lightfastness, and the Supronil® Lemon LD-5927 and Supronil® HP Green 5573 also provide excellent PVC migration.

Eukesolar® liquid dyes

Stahl’s range of Eukesolar® liquid dyes come in a variety of colors, especially blacks, browns, and reds. They offer good water-drop fastness, with almost all achieving a 4 or above on the grey scale for staining. In addition, several of these dyes achieve excellent lightfastness.

Stahl’s liquid dyes are part of our Stahl Neo® portfolio, which means that they comply with the ZDHC MRSL.