Stahl’s system solutions deliver high-performance finishes

Stahl offers several system solutions to add value to leather. They include upgrading solutions, impregnations, casein finishes, easy-KATs and Beauty Makers, finishing resins and patent systems, so whatever you require, Stahl’s range of systems can help. Learn about all of our leather finishing systems and compare their benefits to choose the right products for your needs.

Learn more about our leather system solutions by downloading the catalog.

Comprehensive casein selection

Stahl’s casein finishing solutions enable high-performance binding and plating leather finishes, as well as offering properties such as adhesion, good flexes, and dry rubs. Our casein finishing solutions include products from our Melio® portfolios. Each is suitable for different types of coats. Our casein selection guide helps you find the right solutions.

Light-finish easy-KATs and Beauty Makers

Stahl’s Easy-KAT and Beauty Maker systems provide light and natural leather finishes, as well as offering additional high-performance properties. Our Beauty Makers are non-ionic solutions while our easy-KAT system consists of cationic products.

High-performance resin comparison

Stahl offers an extensive portfolio of leather finishing resins offering properties such as high abrasion resistance, excellent adhesion, strong flexes or a resistant film. Our performance properties overview can help you select the best resin for your needs.

Full-shine patent systems

To enable manufacturers to produce glossy, premium leather for high-end applications, Stahl offers several Patent Leather systems, including base coat, water-based, and solvent-based systems. These add patent effects not only on neutral but also on colored leather, as well as meeting demanding technical requirements.