Stahl EasyBlue Tan®: wet-blue retanning to improve efficiency and environmental impact

Stahl EasyBlue Tan® is our more sustainable wet-blue tanning solution for all types of high-quality leather beyond the standard wet-blue leather product specifications. The simplified tanning process saves time and energy while also significantly reducing the amount of salt and chrome in wastewater.

Efficient and environmental improvements

Wet-blue chrome tanning was invented back in 1858 and is the most widely used tanning process in the industry. Stahl EasyBlue Tan® offers the best of both worlds: high-quality leather and a more environmentally friendly tanning process.

Stahl EasyBlue Tan® is ideal for tanners who are using the chrome-based wet-blue tanning system and want to be more environmentally friendly. The great thing about it is that you can create the same quality products using your familiar process and improve your sustainability footprint as you do it. Use Stahl EasyBlue Tan® to:

  • Reduce water consumption by up to 40%

  • Reduce salt in wastewater by 80%

  • Reduce chemicals by 45% (chrome), 60% (acid) and 20% (nitrogen)

  • Simplify your tanning process

  • Reduce retanning and dyestuff requirements

Premium leather quality 

Just as important as the environmental benefits offered by Stahl EasyBlue Tan® are the product and performance benefits. In many cases these are even better than using conventional chrome tanning products and include:

  • A tight, compact and flat grain

  • Higher resistance to milling and less nubuckation

  • Higher tear strength

  • Ability to create super-white leather

  • High light fastness and heat resistance

  • Less-visible veins

  • Fuller flanks