Responsible chemistry that meets tomorrow’s needs

Responsible chemistry that meets tomorrow’s needs

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The products we choose speak volumes about who we are and what is important to us. This couch. Those shoes. That car interior. That jacket. Every choice provides a clue to our tastes, our experiences and our lives. You could call it chemistry. The metaphorical chemistry of sight, smell, touch and sound that make us feel good about something, often without knowing why. But it’s literal chemistry, too. It’s about atoms, molecules and ions and the changes they undergo in reaction with other substances. Chemistry is in everything we see, touch and use.

It’s this chemistry we specialize in. Our chemistry, the specialty chemistry of coatings, processing and treatments, gives the things we use the properties they require to last longer, stay cleaner, feel softer, resist scratching, diffuse heat, to be recycled and upcycled. You name it, our chemistry creates it.

Turning ideas into reality

Ever since 1930, when Harry Stahl decided that a business rooted in family values would thrive during the Great Depression, we have combined commitment, good ideas and the spirit of innovation, entrepreneurship and excellence to build what we are today. Listening to the world around us and anticipating to emerging trends. We turn ideas into reality, meeting the needs of our customers and the society we live in. 

One trend we especially embrace with open arms is the move to a fully sustainable supply chain and the circular economy. For instance, we introduced our first water-based polyurethane coating back in 1978. Since then, and over the last 20 years in particular, we have defined Responsible Chemistry and ushered it into our industry, using our expertise to improve the performance of existing materials and productionize breakout ones, like fruit textiles, for example, that are even more sustainable. We have also aligned our company and our supply chain partners with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and committed to ZDHC, bluesign® and other leading health, safety and environmental programs.

We imagine creating a better future together

As chemical specialists, we cater to the evolving needs of our customers and society. Our chemists, scientists, production specialists, materials specialists and others add the sensory, processing, sustainability and other characteristics our customers and their customers want and need. We are partners. We listen to and think with. We co-create and collaborate, take the initiative and accept responsibility to improve the durability, sustainability, protection, safety, aesthetics, weight, smell and feel of intermediate materials and end products. 

As we go forward, our focus is on working with our partners to create chemistry that appeals to people’s hearts and minds. Chemistry that triggers our senses while lowering the environmental impact. So there’s a future for our children and grandchildren as well. Responsible chemistry that meets tomorrow’s needs, based on imagining a better future, and then making it happen.

If it can be imagined, it can be created.

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