Ultra Clear Adhesive Solutions

Stahl’s portfolio of Ultra Clear energy curable and water based adhesive solutions suitable for all types of manufacturing applications. These include lamination, pressure sensitive, cold foil and water-based heat seal.

Laminating adhesives
Stahl's low odor / ultra clear laminating adhesives designed for film to film applications provide the right solution to narrow web printers / convertors. The label industry has been challenged with shorter lead times, new film substrates, ink formulations and multiple styles of print manufacturing. Stahl’s portfolio of laminating adhesives, either cationic or traditional energy curable provide greater flexibility, higher bond strength and fast cure response to narrow web printers to meet the everchanging market needs.

Pressure sensitive adhesives
Our line of energy curable pressure sensitive adhesives (PSAs) are formulated for excellent adhesion to film and paper stocks through pressure (nip) lamination utilizing film types of PE, PP, OPP and metalized substrates. Extended content labels (ECLs) and instant redeemable coupons (IRCs) utilize PSAs in conjunction with Stahl's silicone release coatings. With a variety of tack levels and peel strengths available, our PSAs are formulated and customized to fit the end use requirements while providing trouble free application.

Cold Foil Adhesives
Stahl’s energy curable non pressure sensitive cold foil adhesives are designed to laminate fugitive metallic and decorative cold foils from their PET release carrier films to a variety of coated paper and polyolefin label substrates. These energy curable formulations (UV & LED) are intended for inline wet trap application with cold foil films curing through the film substrate after application.

Heat seal
Water-based heat seal adhesives is the preferred choice when producing blister style packaged products replacing solvent based systems. These functional coatings are designed to be used with multiple paperboards (coated) and a variety of plastic films including PVC, PET, PETG and RPET. Processing heat seal temperatures / dwell times will need to be adjusted in accordance with application weight, base substrate and film utilized.

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