High-performance packaging and printing coatings

Speciality coatings for packaging and printing

In March 2023, Stahl has completed the acquisition of ICP Industrial Solutions Group (ISG), a leader in high-performance coatings for packaging and labeling applications. The acquisition reinforces Stahl’s position as the global leader in the field of specialty coatings for flexible substrates.

Stahl specialises in high-performance packaging and printing coatings for graphic arts and industrial customers. Our solutions are formulated for a wide range of applications, with a focus on paperboard, flexible films, and labels for food and fast-moving consumer goods.

Energy curing
UV/LED/EB coatings are cured when exposed to Ultraviolet light and electron beam which create aesthetic effects to elevate the look of printed materials.

Utilizing a combination of Infrared and hot air drying, aqueous coatings provide barrier protective properties to printed materials.

Haptic coatings for packaging

For formulators that look for technical performance or aesthetic enhancing of product packaging, Stahl offers best-in-class polymer solutions for the packaging industry.

Accelerate productivity with adhesives

Find a broad range of UV/LED/EB curable adhesives suitable for all types of applications. laminating adhesives, pressure sensitive adhesives, and heat seal.

Silicone release coatings to meet the exact specifications

Stahl's One-Part UV Silicone Release Coatings are specially formulated to meet the exact specifications required for producing Release Liners and provide two UV curing profiles: Free Radical Nitrogen Cure and Cationic Cure.

Metallics & specialty coatings

Stahl provides an alternative sustainable solution for the Graphic Arts industry with Metallic Coatings.

Sustainable Barrier Coatings

Sustainable barrier coatings for paper-based food packaging

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