Silicone release coatings to meet the exact specifications

Stahl provides an alternative sustainable solution for the Graphic Arts industry with Metallic Coatings. The solution could replace non-recyclable substrates and time consuming foil processes, providing a sustainable solution without sacrificing design.


Our trusted market leading MinusNine LustreCoat series of printable UV metallic coatings offers environmental benefits at competitive market prices. With Stahl, you can increase both your profitability and service offerings while utilizing UV metallic coatings. 

The family of LustreCoat products is formulated for maximum flexibility in application techniques – flexo, gravure, offset anilox and roll coaters and screen printing. These 100% UV metaliic coatings create minimal waste and can be applied inline and offline, and in flood or spot applications. The coating can be overprinted with printing inks creating a brilliant metallic color space.  

Do More For Less with UV Metallic Coatings. Stahl is proud to offer its LustreCoat series of printable UV metallic coatings. LustreCoat UV metallics enable printers to realize the many environmental benefits of printing with UV metallics at price points that make more economic sense than ever before. The time has come to take a first (or second) look at utilizing UV metallic coatings to increase your profitability and service offering

Stahl’s LustreCoat family of UV curable metallics consists of a family of 100% solid, one-part coatings which can be used individually or mixed together to target a specific appearance or price point. Further, LustreCoat coatings cure with a consistent, smooth surface for easy over printability with transparent inks

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