Printing & packaging solutions

Manufacturers look for a competitive edge to entice consumers to buy their product. The shelf appeal of printed packaging can be a key differentiator. In the mere seconds of decision-making, a pleasing appearance can convince shoppers to pick up one product over the other options. Yet proper packaging can also increase product durability and convenience. Stahl's packaging coatings business unit offers a variety of printing and packaging solutions that enhance products and production alike.

Outstanding looks and qualities that enhance product experience

For producers that look for technical performance or aesthetic enhancing of product packaging, Stahl's packaging coatings business unit offers best-in-class polymer solutions for the printing and packaging industry. Our range of polyurethanes and acrylics for flexible packaging are used as binders for inks and printed onto films. Our polymer resins allow even for complex, multilayer food packaging structures that can withstand exposure to conditions like cooking and freezing. At the same time, these resins are designed to be safe, friendly in use and of high quality with many aesthetic options. These properties help ensure an optimal consumer experience with packaging that enhances the product experience.

Performance in production without compromise

Our resins for printing and packaging systems go beyond meeting the stringent demands for the (food) packaging segment with exceptional properties that improve the production process. These technologies enable formulators to develop inks for continuous high-speed printing, free of issues like webbing, sticking or wear and tear of equipment. Specially engineered to allow alcohol solubility minimizes the damage to flexo printing plates. Gravure printing is also possible by using the appropriate solvent blends. This ensures consistent high-performance printing, with long pot life and excellent chemical resistance.

Food contact approved binders and crosslinkers for printing & packaging

Part of our binders and crosslinkers portfolio for packaging is even compliant with the Swiss Ordinance (SR 817.023.21) for food packaging. They are suitable for varying sorts of packaging and coatings, such as packaging films (BOPP, PETR, PE-film, a.o), aluminum packaging, lamination foils, paper and plastic labels, paper and corrugated board, ink receptive coatings (such as gravure, flexo, flexo-UV, digital and inkjet printing), primers, overprint varnishes, mar-resistant matt coatings and soft-touch coatings.

Your partner in printing & packaging technology

We often work with our partners to create tailor-made solutions for custom requirements that meet exactly our customer’s demands. We use sophisticated processes to produce resins free of metallic catalysts. Our resins are tin-free, and thus suitable for the most demanding regulations in the packaging industry. At Stahl's packaging coatings business unit, we fully understand the importance of packaging solutions that ensure high-speed printing of materials that never deviate in looks. Long pot life and excellent chemical resistance ensures your packaging is consistent in its looks and performance. For consumers, that makes your product a recognizable, reliable and easy choice. Our team is ready to assist you in finding the right formulations and resins for your product.

Key Benefits of Stahl’s printing & packaging solutions

Stahl's packaging coatings business unit offers packaging & printing solutions with a wide range of properties for both product and production. These range from aesthetic properties, to application, resistance and protection.

Key benefits:

  • Withstand exposure to conditions associated with cooking or freezing

  • Prevents delamination

  • Very good adhesion. Can be applied on OPP, PET, NY, etc.

  • No webbing, increases printing speed

  • Fully aliphatic, non-yellowing inks

  • For high-speed flexo and gravure systems

  • Can be used as sole binders in Nitrocellulose-free formulations of laminating inks

  • OH functionality: excellent pigment wetting

  • Excellent heat seal resistance

  • Very good blocking resistance

  • Long pot life

Printing & packaging solutions portfolio overview

Below you will find a selection of our innovative resins for printing & packaging. This is only a part of our expansive portfolio of technologies that can enhance your product, while meeting performance and regulatory needs.

ProductDescriptionSolids (%)Solvent blendFeatures, benefits and uses
Picassian® PU-508
Aromatic polyether PUR (tin/TDI free)
Ethyl acetate / EthanolPlasticising grade for laminating inks. Good NC compatibility.
Picassian® PU-518
Semi-aliphatic film forming polyether PUR (tin/TDI free)
Ethyl acetate / EthanolFilm forming with low tackiness. Very flexible and low solvent retention.
Picassian® PU-538
Aliphatic film forming polyether PUR (tin/TDI free)
Ethyl acetate / Ethanol
High performance in flexo and gravure inks. Suitable for lamination and external printing.
Picassian® PU-539
Aromatic polyether PUR (tin/TDI free)
Ethyl acetate / Ethanol
Excellent heat seal and blocking resistance.
Picassian® PU-546
Hydroxy functional semi-aliphatic film forming polyether PUR (tin/TDI free)
Ethyl acetate / EthanolOH functionality allows pigment wetting.
Picassian® PU-548
Aromatic plasticising polyether PUR (tin/TDI free)
Ethyl acetate / IPA
Adhesion promoter. Nitrocellulose based gravure inks for flexible packaging.
Picassian® PU-551
Hydroxy functional semi-aliphatic film forming polyether PUR (tin/TDI free)
Ethyl acetate / Ethanol
OH functionality allows pigment wetting. Non-webbing.
Picassian® PU-559
Aliphatic polyether PUR (tin/TDI free)
Ethyl acetate / IPA
Non-yellowing binder for nitrocellulose based gravure inks.
Picassian® PU-561
Aliphatic film forming polyether PUR (tin/TDI free)
Ethyl acetate / Ethanol
Suitable for high speed flexo and gravure systems. Sole binder inks.
Picassian® PU-565
Aliphatic polyether-polyester PU resin
Ethyl acetate / Ethanol
For high performance printing inks. Excellent adhesion and grinding pigment properties.
NuVera® PU-585
Film-forming polyether polyurethane resin. 50% of its solid content is based on renewable resources.
57.0Ethyl acetate / Ethanol
For solvent-based high speed flexo and gravure printing inks. Made from biomass feedstock.
Picassian® AC-169
Self-crosslinking acrylic
Outstanding blocking resistance. For use in high-performance coatings.
Picassian® AC-177
Styrene-acrylic emulsion, OH-functional47.5Water
For metalized/BOPP primers. Very good adhesion.
Picassian® AC-290
Self-crosslinking acrylic44.0WaterSuitable for PET and BOPP printing inks.
Relca® PU 477
Aliphatic polycarbonate PUD30.0Water
Very low-VOC. For soft touch coatings.
Relca® PU 486
water-based, solvent-free, anionic dispersion of an aliphatic polyester urethane
40.0WaterLow coalescent demand. Yields clear, glossy and flexible films. Provides high elongation. Excellent adhesion on plastics
Relca® PU 665
waterbased, anionic dispersion of an aliphatic polyester polyurethane
35.0WaterGood adhesion on textiles, PVC and polyurethanes. Barrier against plasticizer migration. Dry feel
Relca® PU 696
Solvent-free aliphatic cationic polycarbonate PUD
35.0WaterFor use in metal pre-treatment. Excellent stability at low pH. High hardness.
Relca® PU 699
Aliphatic polycarbonate urethane
30.0WaterFor soft touch coatings. Good UV, heat, hydrolysis and chemical resistances
Relca® UV 484
Solvent-free aliphatic, UV curable polycarbonate PUD32.0WaterMedium hardness. Excellent chemical and stain resistance.

*) For packaging inks