Sensora®: Our portfolio of unique sensory coatings

There’s more to packaging than just appearance. That’s why we’ve developed Sensora®, a portfolio of high-performance coatings, each with its own sensory profile: velvety, rubbery, silky, dry, and textured.

By creating a broad spectrum of coatings with unique characteristics, Stahl has opened up a wide range of possible packaging applications for you and your brands: from food and drinks to technology, cosmetics, and luxury items.

From physical touch to emotional feeling

Touch is second only to sight as the sense through which we take in most information about our surroundings. The feel of a surface plays a significant role in our impression of an object, and can generate a strong emotional response that even influences our purchasing behaviors.

Tactile packaging is therefore an ideal way to make your products stand out from the crowd. Sensora® helps make the connection between physical touch, emotional feeling, and a positive association with your brand.

Key benefits:

  • A range of haptic profiles, from soft and velvety to sandy and rough.

  • Allows customers to differentiate their packaging by more than appearance alone.

  • Based on Stahl’s PolyMatte® technology for the highest standards in performance, aesthetics, and sustainability.

  • Suitable for different methods of printing on both paper and films, including BOPP and PET.

High quality that lasts

The Sensora® portfolio has coatings that are water-based, using Stahl’s proprietary PolyMatte® polyurethane dispersion technology. PolyMatte® forms a smooth, matte surface structure, cutting out the need for fillers, while also providing top-quality scratch resistance, abrasion resistance, and flexibility to ensure each sensory coating keeps its unique character for longer.

Sensora® coatings come fully formulated and are suitable for a wide range of manufacturing processes, from offset printing on paper to flexography and rotogravure printing on BOPP, PET, and other polyolefin films.

A coating for any occasion

The haptic profile of each product has been painstakingly selected by Stahl’s dedicated testing team, who evaluated numerous touch sensations in order to identify the most desirable qualities for film and paper packaging. A few of the Sensora® coatings are:
Sensora® V 220 – soft and velvety, to give a sense of comfort.
Sensora® R 360 – bouncy but smooth, for a unique rubbery feeling (bio-based)
Sensora® S 430 – smooth and silky, perfect for creating a luxurious feel.
Sensora® D 610 – dry and smooth, giving the impression of natural paper wrapping.
Sensora® T 510 – sandy and rough, with a distinctive texture under the fingertips.

Searching for something different? We look forward to working with you to create the perfect touch experience for your brand.

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