Silicone release coatings to meet the exact specifications

Stahl's One-Part UV Silicone Release Coatings are specially formulated to meet the exact specifications required for producing release liner stocks, peel and stick (PSA), peel and reseal (ECL) and instant redeemable coupons (IRC). Formulations developed for two distinct UV curing profiles: Free Radical Nitrogen Cure and Cationic Cure. Stahl’s portfolio of silicone release products provides specific performance requirements such as ultra-low, aging stable, low extractable and low odor while providing economical solutions for the printer / convertor. Stahl products are nitrogen blanketed free radical cure and built for high production line speeds.

Free radical release
Free radical silicone acrylate release coatings are formulated for curing under nitrogen inerting. This ensures the complete polymerization of all components producing lower initial peel strength, improved die cutting and extremely stable release upon aging. The use of free radical release silicone coating is a more economical way to produce release liners for hand and automatic (machine) applications of release liners.

Cationic release
Cationic silicone release coatings are based upon cationic photo initiators that eliminate the need for a long post-curing period to provide stable release values. During the post cure process, all unreacted components are consumed providing predictable and stable release levels.

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