Stahl Integra®: Our versatile flame-retardant and protective coating toolbox

Navigating the regulatory labyrinth of the flame-retardant and protective coatings market is a major challenge – one that’s made more complex by growing stakeholder expectations around sustainability and performance.

What is Stahl Integra®?

Our versatile technology toolbox Stahl Integra® enables customers to meet the increasing demands around compliance, ESG, and quality in the flame-retardant and protective coatings space. All while simultaneously ensuring product quality and superior fabric integrity.

A unique, modular approach

Stahl Integra® is based on the modular toolbox principle. This means specific mechanical functionalities – from breathable coatings to stay-clean technologies – can be introduced at different stages of the production process and to meet specific end-market requirements as needed.

Customer-oriented and versatile, Stahl Integra® enables tailor-made solutions under the umbrella of flame-retardant and protective solutions. With Stahl’s support and collaboration, you can not only comply with rigorous regulatory and environmental demands but also achieve the highest standards in mechanical properties, fabric integrity, and other market requirements.

Also part of Stahl Integra®:
Stahl Integra® Sty Dry: a water repellent coating to weather any storm
Stahl Integra® Blackout: halogen-free, flame-retardant coatings for light-blocking window decorations

Key benefits of our Stahl Integra® solution

At its core, Stahl Integra® is a polymer-driven solution. It uses Stahl’s proven polymer technology as its “backbone” while harnessing the other technologies in our toolbox, including our specialty crosslinkers and more. In this way, we help customers solve their most complex challenges in a flexible, integrated way that goes beyond traditional additive-driven approaches.

  • Builds on Stahl’s market-leading flame-retardant technology Eagleban™

  • Flexible and modular

  • Waterborne and solvent-borne options

  • Minimizes the need for additives

  • No compromise on mechanical properties or fabric integrity

  • Simpler and more sustainable manufacturing processes

  • Durable end-market applications for less resource consumption

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