Mild-solvent Permuthane® PU Coatings

Our Permuthane® portfolio contains solvent-borne technology polymers, including the latest developments of BTX-free and DMF(A)-free solutions. These are applicable in many forms and on various substrates, when a lower environmental impact is as important as high-performance.

Permuthane® coating technology

Our solvent-based Permuthane® polymer portfolios offer urethanes based on different polyols and diisocyanates:

  • Aliphatic or aromatic diisocyanates

  • Polyether, polyester or polycarbonate polyols

  • Acrylics

These are available in several ranges of hardness with solids levels up to 40%.

Versatile PU coating portfolio from base to top coat

Our Permuthane® portfolio contains solutions for:

  • Base coatings

  • Skins & Adhesives

  • Hand modifiers

  • Top coats/finishes

  • Pigments

  • Crosslinkers

Our polyurethane (PU) coating portfolios are suitable for synthetic surfaces and fabrics. Our high-solids PermaQure®, water-based Permutex®, and mild solvent Permuthane® solutions help manufacturers meet aesthetic and performance needs.

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