Synthetic material technologies with reduced environmental impact

At Stahl, we help plastics, rubbers, and synthetics manufacturers develop responsible products that address the growing market need for safe and sustainable solutions.

Our water-based finishes, topcoats, carbodiimide crosslinkers, and VOC-free pigments are the result of our extensive collaboration with industry partners. Our portfolio comprises a variety of technologies, including stain-resistant synthetic coatings, soil-resistant synthetic coatings, renewable carbon polyurethanes, carbodiimide crosslinkers, and bio-based coating solutions.

Coating building blocks for synthetic and alternative materials

Stahl offers manufacturers the building blocks to formulate and enhance coating solutions for multiple products and applications. We can provide ready-made solutions or customized options for your specific needs and performance standards, including for newly created innovative materials.

DMF-free alternatives for water- and solvent-based systems

Through extensive research and development, Stahl can offer a full spectrum of DMF-free synthetic coating solutions to support customers at different stages of the production process. The solutions we offer range from pre-skin to skin and adhesive layers, and from basecoats to topcoat finishes. Click here to read more.

NuVera®: Renewable carbon-based polyurethanes

One way for fashion, footwear, and upholstery manufacturers to improve their environmental impact is to replace fossil fuel-based chemistry with renewable feedstocks. Stahl’s NuVera® range of renewable carbon polyurethanes can help you do exactly that.

Stahl Evo®: Responsible solutions for optimal performance

Our Stahl EVO® technologies combine optimal performance with responsible chemistry. Our portfolio of non-hazardous solutions complies with ZDHC MRSL standards and is suitable for all synthetic or alternative substrates. Stahl EVO® contains a wide range of our coating and surface technologies.

Bio-based PolyMatte® Matting solution for luxury designs

PolyMatte® is a responsible matting option that enables manufacturers focused on high-end apparel and interior design to achieve a high-quality beautiful black effect, as well as high resistance and a soft touch.

Stahl Stay Clean®: Surface retention for interiors and furniture

Stahl Stay Clean® helps to protect pale-colored synthetic surfaces from staining, scuffing, and soiling. Suitable for mobility interiors, furniture, and accessories, this technology makes cleaning and maintaining products easy and provides them with a longer lifespan.

Polyurethane coatings technologies

Our polyurethane (PU) coating portfolios are suitable for synthetic surfaces and fabrics. Our high-solids PermaQure®, water-based Permutex®, and mild solvent Permuthane® solutions help manufacturers meet aesthetic and performance needs.

Carbodiimide crosslinkers

Stahl’s carbodiimide crosslinkers enable manufacturers to enhance coating qualities while offering a more responsible alternative to traditional crosslinkers. Friendly labeled and with a long pot life, our crosslinkers are designed to support coating strength, resistance, flexibility, and endurance.

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