RelcaBond® Flock Adhesives and Primers for exceptional durability in weatherstrip application

Car manufacturers look for custom-made technologies to meet precise and changing market demands. Solutions like our RelcaBond® Flock Adhesives fit that need with a versatile application and excellent adhesion qualities. This new line of adhesives for bonding flock fibers was developed in close cooperation with our automotive partners to maximize functionality on materials like EPDM rubber and other elastomer substrates.

A strong adhesive for weatherstrips and flocking

As market leader in coating and treatment technologies for flexible substrates like EPDM, Stahl offers a range of adhesives to be applied on all known elastomer substrates for weatherstrips and flocking. With our RelcaBond®  products, we have created a new line of environmentally conscious flock adhesives and adhesion promoters that hold many benefits in application, quality and resistance capacities. As flock adhesive, it is an easy to use, durable and more sustainable option, which makes it the best choice when it comes to product development that is driven towards environmentally conscious low-VOC, HAPs-free products.

Key benefits of our RelcaBond®  flock adhesives

When compared to competitive products, RelcaBond®  demonstrates excellent adhesion properties, superior flock density and durability. Unique in their high solids chemistry with both 1K and 2K options available, RelcaBond®  Flock Adhesives and adhesion promoters have excellent flexibility, chemical resistance and enhanced density. To achieve maximum performance, it is recommended to apply RelcaBond®  products at a 35-micron minimum dry film thickness.

Key benefits

  • Excellent adhesion to green and vulcanized rubber

  • Excellent flexibility in cured state

  • NMP-free, BTX-free

  • HAPs-free (Hazardous Air Pollutant)

  • Non-staining/non-yellowing

  • Excellent durability and chemical resistance

  • Enhanced flock density

RelcaBond®  and adhesion promotors

ProductApplicationSystemColorGreen SolventSolids (%)Description
RelcaBond®  815Flock Adhesives / CrosslinkersSolvent 2KClear48 (+/-2)

A low-VOC, BTX-free and HAP-free flock adhesive that provides excellent adhesion. It also offers superior durability, adhesion, and chemical resistance

RelcaLink®  85Flock Adhesives / CrosslinkersCrosslinkerBlack50 (+/-2)

The crosslinking system for our RelcaBond 815

RelcaLink®  86Flock Adhesives / CrosslinkersCrosslinkerClear50 (+/-2)The crosslinking system for our RelcaBond 815

RelcaBond®  primers and adhesion promoters for added coating performance

We do not merely want to meet expected requirements; we want to exceed them. That’s why our RelcaBond®  portfolio also contains primers and adhesion promoters for added coating performance. These ensure that our solutions offer excellent adhesion to EPDM, green and vulcanized rubbers. Our RelcaBond®  900 is a HAPs-free, mild solvent primer for improved adhesion to any low surface energy substrate. RelcaBond®  620 is water-based and even suitable for wet-on-wet adhesion.

RelcaBond®  Primers/Adhesion promoters

ProductApplicationSystemColorAPEO FreeSolids (%)Description
RelcaBond®  620PrimerWaterClear16.5 (+/-2)

This primer is used for improved adhesion to EPDM, TPO, NBR, HDPE, or any lowsurface-energy substrate that is difficult to adhere. Can be applied "wet on wet"

RelcaBond®  620 - LSPrimerWaterClear9 (+/-1)Same as above with lower solids

RelcaBond® 652 Water-based glass encapsulation primer

Stahl’s water-based glass encapsulation primer RelcaBond®  652 is used to provide adhesion between thermoplastic polymers and glass. The bonding agent is especially applicable in the automotive industry. RelcaBond®  652 offers a more sustainable, water-based alternative to traditional solvent-based solutions. The glass encapsulation bonding agent provides a strong glass-to-polymer bond for automotive applications, including encapsulated windows, sunroofs, and windshields.

Typical propertiesRelcaBond® 652
Solid content12.5%
Dry thickness2 - 4 microns
Coverage56 - 70 m2/kg
Crosslinker Addition XR 55082 - 5%
Shelf lifeUnopened, 12 months
Active time of coated partUp to 60 hours

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