Elastomer coatings to meet today’s evolving automotive requirements

At Stahl, we work closely with automotive manufacturers and OEMs to reduce their footprint and help shape a better future for their industry. Our solutions are geared toward the EPDM and weatherstrip coating markets, where there is a growing need for more sustainable alternatives.

With our elastomer coatings portfolio, we offer our partners a range of low-impact solutions, including our RelcaSil® and RelcaBond® ranges of hybrid silicone urethane coatings and adhesives.

RelcaSil® elastomer coatings

Stahl’s RelcaSil® range is the result of years of close collaboration with the automotive value chain. Working in tandem with industry partners, we have selectively designed the resins, additives, and functional properties for coating EPDM and other complex materials.

Our portfolio aims to meet the needs of today’s manufacturers and OEMs by offering a range of environmental and functional benefits, including reduced silicone transfer, improved mar resistance, low-impact squeak, and itch properties.

Relcabond® flock adhesives and primers

RelcaBond® Flock Adhesives provides automotive manufacturers with advanced technology in flock-fiber bonding adhesives for EPDM rubber and similar materials. RelcaBond® Flock Adhesives are durable and easy to use. RelcaBond® also supports customers with their sustainability goals, thanks to our focus on low-VOC, HAP-free products.

Relcabond® Primers allow for a water-based option to promote excellent adhesion to a variety of elastomeric substrates.

In-mold coating systems (IMC)

In-mold coating systems enable integrated coating and molding of products or parts that help protect synthetic car interior parts against UV-discoloration, aging, and cleaning, as part of an effective cost-saving process.

RelcaLink® crosslinkers

Crosslinkers are an important component for enhancing or strengthening coating properties. Stahl’s RelcaLink® range is particularly suited to elastomer-coating technologies with excellent resistance, crosslink density, and blocking properties. Our portfolio includes a range of water-based crosslinkers that can help manufacturers reduce their environmental impact.

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