RelcaSil® building blocks for elastomer coatings and adhesives

Coating properties for automotive application need to meet ever more stringent requirements in comfort, safety, aesthetic style and technical possibilities. Yet, responsible production and higher sustainability standards also play their part in market demand standards. Our extensive RelcaSil® range of building blocks not only meets these requirements, but surpasses them, enabling car manufacturers to create exactly the elastomer coating products they require.

Resins, additives and properties designed for automotive performance

Selectively designing the resins, additives and functional properties for the coating of a unique material like EPDM requires years of experience, application expertise and products that meet or even exceed expectations. Our exceptionally versatile RelcaSil® range of modular building blocks for coating solutions is responsibly produced and developed in close cooperation with partners and customers. It meets the most stringent requirements and supports the automotive market with innovative solutions that really make a difference. Quite unique is the RelcaSil™ hybrid, which combines solvent resistance and durability elements derived from conventional urethane coatings with the noise reducing performance of silicone coatings. The RelcaSil® hybrid approach also offers a very cost-effective and versatile solution that is always in line with the latest market trends.

Key benefits of our RelcaSil® coating solutions

RelcaSil® does not contain any hazardous substances, yet delivers the inventive leading performance the automotive industry demands. Our latest additions within this range are 100% water-based, NMP-free, NEP-free and single component. Through the modular building blocks, RelcaSil® offers the weatherstrip industry many key benefits, such as reducing the silicone transfer, improving marring resistance and the next generation of sustainable squeak and rattle prevention. RelcaSil® answers market demands for luxurious haptics, low gloss and excellent noise performance while simultaneously reducing the environmental footprint.

Key Benefits

  • Modular building blocks

  • Reduced silicone transfer

  • Improved mar resistance

  • Next generation of more sustainable squeak and itch prevention

  • The latest environmentally conscious chemistry

  • NMP- and NEP-free

RelcaSil® product overview

CoatingApplicationSystemGlossSolids (%)Description
RelcaSil® 023DynamicWater 1K4 to 733(+/- 1)Born of the same genetics as our well-known WT-91-023. The same soft touch and outstanding noise performance with lower silicone transfer and improved processing.
RelcaSil® 076
Water 1K
4 to 730(+/- 1)

An industry-specific coating that has found its home on door openings, owing to its quick curing performance and noise suppression (available for N.A. only)

RelcaSil® 100DynamicWater 1K2 to 633(+/- 1)A 1K coating, which provides good noise performance, chemical resistance and durability. Formulated for easy application and reduced silicone transfer.
RelcaSil® 200DynamicWater 1K2 to 633(+/- 1)

Stahl's portfolio is always evolving and therefore this development product is being tailor made to offer yet a step higher in performance, lower gloss with all the defined key benefits as its priority Target late 2022.

RelcaSil® 212
DynamicWater 2K2 to 633(+/-  1)

This muti-purpose coating was developed for its abrasion-resistance properties and low silicone transfer properties. It is flexible enough for dynamic seal applications such as body-mounted door seals.

RelcaSil® 300Glass RunWater 2K3 to 737(+/- 1)

A coating designed for superior glass chisel durability and excellent noise performance. Exhibits a low coefficient of friction, excellent ice release, and reduced silicone transfer.

RelcaSil® 400Silicone / PUDWater 2K2 to 634(+/- 1)

A unique silicone-based coating with truly innovative chemistry that breaks new ground in premium soft-touch noise suppression technology

RelcaSil® 410
Silicone / PUD
Water 2K2 to 634(+/- 1)

With the success of RelcaSil® 400, we are now developing a new version that offers some unique features - while keeping all the superior attributes our RelcaSil® products are renowned for Target late 2022.

RelcaSil® 519StructuredWater 1K2 to 636(+/- 1)A fine structured version of our next generation RelcaSil® 023. A creative blend of texture, durability and excellent noise characteristics.
RelcaSil® 523StructuredWater 1K2 to 636(+/- 1)A medium structured version of our next generation RelcaSil® 023. A creative blend of texture, durability and excellent noise characteristics.
RelcaSil® 524StructuredWater 2K2 to 633(+/- 1)A large structured version of our next generation RelcaSil® 023. A creative blend of texture, durability and excellent noise characteristics.
RelcaSil® 530Structured
Water 2K
2 to 6
33(+/- 1)

A market-specific development coating. Its structured design shows off the coating's noise performance and durability against many sealing surfaces.

WT-91-023TraditionalWater 2K
4 to 733(+/- 1)

Our best-selling, globally approved coating, used by all major OEMs. Offers soft touch and superior noise performance for all vehicle types.

WT-13-419TraditionalWater 2K1 to 329(+/- 1)

This fine particulate coating has a successful history in anti-abrasion applications and is flexible enough for dynamic seal applications.

Performance Characteristics

CoatingApplicationSuggest DFT (um)COFCrock AbrasionMAAG AbrasionWeatherinChemical ResistanceNoise Performance
RelcaSil® 023
Dynamic10 to 160.6
RelcaSil® 076
10 to 16
RelcaSil® 100
10 to 16


RelcaSil® 200Dynamic
10 to 160.4

RelcaSil® 212
12 to 180.5
RelcaSil® 400Silicone / PUD7 to130.4
RelcaSil® 410
Silicone / PUD
7 to 130.4

RelcaSil® 300
Glass Run15 to 250.3✓✓✓

RelcaSil® 519
Structured10 to 160.2✓✓

RelcaSil® 523
Structured15 to 250.2✓✓

RelcaSil® 524
Structured15 to 250.2✓✓
RelcaSil® 530
Structured15 to 250.2✓✓50K✓✓

WT-91-023WT-91-02310 to 160.6

WT-13-419WT-13-41910 to 160.3✓✓

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