Coating solutions for technical film and paper

Aesthetics and performance qualities are key aspects of paper and film products. Particularly when they are used for protective, performance and aesthetic purposes in a wide range of industries. Like for example furniture foils, flooring or security papers. These products need to be equipped with the right properties, while still attracting consumer attention. Stahl offers specialised coatings for film and paper, tailored to meet market needs and product requirements.

Serving the industry with differentiating qualities

Our Stahl Film & Paper coatings are high-performing and made with unique technologies to provide you with market-differentiating qualities. This means that it doesn't just enhance the properties of your film and paper, but it brings your product to a new level of luxury. Our global presence enables us to operate and deliver fast, meeting local and global industry trends. By working side by side, we can bring your product to new heights.

Decorative and protective surfaces

Stahl Paper & Film caters to a diverse set of industries and a number of different substrates. From furniture, and security labels to flooring. Stahl has a long affinity and expertise in all these products.

Key benefits

Working with Stahl Film & Paper coatings means working with a global market leader with extensive expertise in the realm of coatings development and innovation. We rely on a partnership-as-service model to provide you with the properties and quality you need. All whilst meeting all legal and regulatory requirements.

Stahl provides you with:

• A wide range of coatings with properties regarding haptics/touch, anti-soiling, printability, solvent resistance, water resistance and more.

• A partnership in solution formulation and product advice.

• Sustainable coatings: Made to help reduce the ecological footprint of your product.

• Polyurethane, polycarbodiimide and polyacrylic technologies.

As an ingredient partner, Stahl can offer a full range of coating technologies, including our unique water-based matting resins (PolyMatte®) and widely used carbodiimide crosslinkers.

An overview of coatings for film, foil and paper

Our portfolio contains water- and solvent-based solutions. Are you looking for a partner to create the perfect coating for your desired product? We will gladly work side by side with our coating building blocks to create your market-differentiating solutions.