Flame retardants tailored for specific product application

When fire safety is a priority, the right flame retardant technology can make all the difference in product safety. When fires do start, they slow down the spread and increase valuable escape time. Our flame retardant portfolio is suitable for different substrates in a variety of industries, tailored to meet precise product requirements and fireproof norms. We develop performance coatings, additives and polymer dispersions that ensure flame-retardant environments and settings.

Reduce fire hazard risk, without compromise on quality

Flame retardant chemistry ensures end products that, in all their style and substance, slow the rate of fire and decrease the generation of burn and smoke. Stahl’s flame retardant solutions are applicable to a variety of substrates, like leather, technical textiles, high-performance fabrics or nonwovens and synthetics. They are used as is or as a component in coating formulation. Achieving precise performance standards in accordance with strict fire safety regulations without affecting other properties is a major challenge. That’s why we work side-by-side with you as customer, to provide you with the technology that meets your needs in performance, legislative compliance and environmental standards.

Versatile in application, reliable in safety

Stahl’s flame retardants are used in the mobility, interior design, outdoor applications, safety equipment and many other industries. Stahl technology and solutions can be found throughout a variety of construction applications. They give flame-retardant properties to flooring, tents and awnings at outdoor festivals, but that also give a fire-safe coating to less visible elements you might not think about, like construction insulation material, heat shields, roofing and other construction material, be it non-woven, foam or membrane: in the invisible background they can all play their flame-retardant part with the right Stahl coating.

Key benefits of Stahl Flame Retardants

Our full life cycle of flame-retardant solutions has been evaluated from initial production through recycling at the end of consumer product life. Stahl’s flame-retardant solutions have been deemed safe for continued use, making them the durable and reliable choice. They are designed using the latest technologies, testing and prototyping equipment in order to guarantee the best and most up-to-date application possible for end products. A large portion of our portfolio contains water-based technologies. This enables the same safety standards, with a smaller ecological footprint.

Key benefits:

  • Safe for continuous use

  • Meeting the most rigorous standards

  • In line with environmental and legislative requirements

  • Highly customizable to product needs

  • Services available for tailor-made solutions

FR portfolio product overview

Stahl offers a broad range of flame-retardant building blocks, varying from water-based performance coatings, to polymer dispersions, binders and additives. Below you find a number of our available technologies. Read more about it on our Stahl Integra® page.

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