Paint and coating solutions for any market needs

The demand for high-quality paints and coatings is growing and while the market looks for the best possible performance properties, it also demands an environmentally responsible alternative. Stahl produces resins for a variety of responsible paints and coatings that offer both. We strive to create innovative solutions that make the difference with high-quality binders and crosslinkers that help achieve the most stringent requirements in paints and coatings.

Resin portfolios for every paint and coating formulation

Our Picassian® and Relca® polymers portfolios contain numerous resins that provide both protective and aesthetic properties for paints or coatings. These water-based acrylics and polyurethanes are designed for zero- or low-VOC formulations that meet the latest environmental and safety regulations for workplaces or home interiors. Not without reason, our self-crosslinking acrylic emulsions, cosolvent-free polyurethanes and hybrids and VOC-free carbodiimide crosslinkers are widely used in architectural coatings, coil & industrial metal, printing & packaging and electronics & automotive plastics industries.

Block resistance, fast drying and non-sticking properties

Time is money as they say, which is as much true for the paint and coating industry as anywhere else. That’s why formulators are also searching for resins that offer production benefits that speed up the process, save in materials and storage, without hampering the products performance and quality. Particularly for furniture producers, we offer a number of solutions with good blocking resistance that ensure products don’t stick when stacked or packed together. Similarly, water-based paints often have the disadvantage of longer drying time compared to solvent-based variations, which have good film formation even under colder conditions. Our focus on innovation has helped us develop solutions that forego this issue, which provides producers with responsible resins that offer higher efficiency on a competitive market.

Your partner in Paint Solutions technology

It is our passion to continuously innovate and develop resins with improved properties, while also reducing the environmental footprint of our products and production. From polyurethanes used in parquet flooring and furniture to the soft touch and high-speed printing for the packaging and printing industry to acrylic resins that provide exceptional resistance for metal constructions against corrosion by the elements, we always strive for more. If you are looking for technical performance or aesthetics, our polymers portfolio offers best-in-class solutions for our customers’ needs for your product needs.

Key Benefits of Paint Solutions

Our solutions for paint and coating formulations offer various properties and additional benefits. If you are looking for specific qualities, feel free to contact us for the full portfolio and possibilities.

Key benefits:

  • Water-based resins. Low- or zero-VOC

  • Very good stain & chemical resistance

  • Very good blocking resistance

  • Excellent scratch and abrasion resistance

  • High gloss to matt looks

  • Soft touch effect

  • Non-yellowing after UV exposure

  • Excellent adhesion on metal and plastics

  • Carbodiimides for 2K systems

  • Short drying time, so fast hardness development

  • Easy formulation

  • Long pot-life

Paint Solutions portfolio overview



Solids (%)


Features, benefits and uses

Relca® RA-126




Outstanding corrosion and blister resistance.

Relca® RA-169

Self-crosslinking acrylic



Outstanding blocking resistance. For use in high-performance furniture coatings.

Relca® RA-280

Styrene-acrylic emulsion



Outstanding corrosion and blister resistance. Direct to metal (DTM) coatings.

Relca® RA-290

Self-crosslinking acrylic


Outdoor wood coatings. Excellent early water resistance.

Relca® RH-288

Solvent-free and self-crosslinking hybrid



Excellent stain resistance, including hot coffee in 1K white pigmented formulations.

Relca® RU-655

Solvent-free aliphatic polycarbonate PUD



For use in metal pre-treatment and fingerprint coatings. Excellent heat and corrosion resistance.

Relca® RU-683

Solvent-free aliphatic polyester PUD


For high-end wood furniture and flooring coatings. Outstanding abrasion resistance.

Relca® RU-696

Solvent-free aliphatic cationic polycarbonate PUD



For use in metal pre-treatment. Excellent stability at low pH. High hardness.


Multifunctional polycarbodiimide crosslinker



For use in solvent- or water-based resins. High reactivity.


Polycarbodiimide crosslinker



Extended pot-life. Zero-VOC. For exterior use. Non-yellowing.