Electronics & Automotive plastics with a perfect touch

Electronics & Automotive plastics with a perfect touch

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Plastic surfaces are often used for products we handle on a daily basis. From dashboards in automotive interiors to the casing of your mobile phone or laptop, you expect a pleasant touch that is both soft and resistant. Durability is key for frequently used surfaces and items and our Picassian® and Relca® polymer and crosslinker solutions meet that demand. They offer you the high-performance resins for luxurious coatings that enhance product life and appeal.

Driving innovation for plastic substrate coatings

Plastic surfaces and casings are essential in a fast-moving industry, where miniaturization, integrated electronics and sustainability are the main drivers of innovation. At Stahl Polymers, we understand the stringent demands this poses for formulators and coating producers, who are looking for market differentiation. That’s why Stahl offers a wide portfolio of water-based resins, based on acrylic, polyurethane or hybrid technologies that are ready-to-use or can be adapted and customized to your product performance requirements. Whether you look for primers for phone cases, top coats for automotive plastics or crosslinkers to improve performance, we offer the polymer chemistry that enables your coating property needs.

Your partner in finding the right coating resins

When formulating coatings for plastics used for electronic devices, automotive surfaces or other high-end goods, Stahl Polymers is the go-to partner for polymeric resins and crosslinkers. We can advise you on the technical properties, assist in testing and product trials and go even beyond that. In order to provide you with full services in coating development, we work closely and directly with you and can adapt our resins to your needs. If desired, we even offer the possibility of custom designing new formulations of water-based polymers for plastic for your particular needs. The level of service and direct access is one of the key advantages of working with Stahl Polymers.

Key Benefits of Electronics & Automotive Plastics

Apart from the extensive product services, Stahl Polymers offers high-end coating resins with various benefits. Recently, we have launched our bio-based portfolio of resins, that help reduce the environmental footprint of coatings.

Key benefits:

Electronics & Automotive Plastics portfolio overview

Product Description
Solds (%)
Features, benefits and uses
Picassian® AC-177
Sytrene-acrylic, OH functional
High hardness, mechanical resistance and gloss
Picassian® AC-191
Very good scratch resistance for plastics and consumer electronics
Picassian® BI-001
Modified protein binder, 92% of the solid content is based on renewable resources
- To be used as an anti-blocking additive. Improves early and final block resistance.
Relca® PD-802
Solvent-free matt resin
- Provides soft touch and very low gloss. Gloss levels down to 1 at 60o or 45 at 85o can be achieved. High flexibility.
Relca® PD-804
Solvent-free matt resin
- Provides soft touch and very low gloss. Gloss levels down to 1 at 60o or 45 at 85o can be achieved. High flexibility.
Relca® PD-805
VOC-free matt resin
Provides very low gloss. Improves blocking resistance without elongation loss. For anti-fingerprint coatings.
Relca® PD-809
Solvent-free matt resin
< 5
Provides dry touch and very low gloss. Excellent scratch and abrasion resistance. Low repolishability.
Relca® BIO PD-814
Bio-based, solvent-free matt resin
< 5 Provides low gloss and soft touch with silky effect. High flexibility
Relca® PU-477
Aliphatic polycarbonate PUD
< 5 Very low-VOC. For soft touch coatings
Relca® PU-683
Solvent-free aliphatic polyester PUD
< 5 Yields hard and flexible films.

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Electronics & Automotive plastics with a perfect touch
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