Meet Amanda, one of our Green Chemists

Meet Amanda, one of our Green Chemists

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With Responsible Chemistry, we are driving change based on a long-term vision of improving the transparency and sustainability of our supply chain. The passion and knowledge of our Green Chemists play a crucial role. What drives them and what do they do to prepare us for the future? Meet our Green Chemist Amanda Ditasari.

When did you join Stahl and what do you do?

Hi, my name is Amanda Ditasari. I have been working for Stahl as a Green Technology Chemist since August 2017. I joined the company after graduating with an MSc in Polymer Science from the University of Freiburg, Germany.

As a Green Technology Chemist, I am responsible for developing products with environmentally friendly characteristics, either by using renewable resources or by using other resources that help to reduce our carbon footprint. To do this, I need to explore new chemistry and processes and go where traditional chemistry has not been before.

Along with all my chemist colleagues, we work in a laboratory to develop bio-based products. Besides developing bio-based products, we also have additional responsibilities. For example, we conduct literature studies on the latest bio-based product developments. In addition, after we finish product development, we provide the pilot and production teams with the required information and assist them where needed, ensuring the success of scale-up processes of the developed products from lab to production.

What does responsible chemistry mean to you?

Responsible chemistry, to me, covers all the chemical production initiatives and processes that are aimed at reducing the harmful impact of chemicals on the environment and people’s health and safety, and drive sustainability.

With Responsible Chemistry, we as Stahl, try to make a significant positive impact on the environment. To create a sustainable future, we must improve the environmental footprint of the entire supply chain. The performance of our solutions has always been a top priority. But today, it is more important than ever to develop innovative, high-performance solutions that have a minimal impact on users and the environment.

We have different ways to work towards this goal. First of all, we look at the selection of raw materials to make sure that we use renewable materials, which are also produced responsibly. After this, we look at our processes and ensure that our product development has a low impact on the environment. Besides this selection of raw materials and processes, we look for people with a drive to increase the sustainability of the industry. With these key factors, we aim to develop low-impact products that do not compromise performance and make it easier for the industry to choose greener products.

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Meet Amanda, one of our Green Chemists
Amanda Ditasari
Green Technology Chemist