Educational partnerships with universities for a sustainable future

Educational partnerships with universities for a sustainable future

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We see it as our responsibility to share our knowledge with others, as we can only achieve a more sustainable and transparent leather supply chain by working together. Stahl believes working together with universities can accelerate the process of making the entire leather processing chain more sustainable.

Educational initiatives

To acquire and share the right knowledge around the world, Stahl works closely with several universities on a wide array of projects. 

Post Graduate Certificate in Leather Finishing with University of Northampton

In 2018 and 2019 Stahl Campus® completed the Post Graduate Certificate modules in León, Mexico - a six-week course developed in collaboration with the University of Northampton (UoN) - in which students receive an official Post Graduate Certificate in automotive leather finishing upon completion. The one year course focused on improving expertise and knowledge of surface coatings and their application in automotive leather finishing. Stahl and the UoN will launch the same course for a new set of students in 2021. By combining our expertise with one of the foremost centers for leather education in the world, we set a high bar for contemporary leather education.

Generation Z and sustainability with North Carolina State University and SKEMA

40 students from the Global Luxury and Management Graduate Program of North Carolina State University and SKEMA, participated in on-site Stahl Campus® training about sustainability across the supply chain. The training served to inform the students about the principles of sustainability and responsible practices applied during the manufacture of materials used in the luxury fashion sector. As the students were born after 1995, they are considered to be part of “Generation Z”, about which much research has been done with regard to future buying preferences and views on sustainability. Stahl’s observations with this small group of Gen Z students was used in several presentations given at conferences during 2018, with a view to understanding how the footwear and fashion industry can align itself with their behavior. In short, Stahl learned as much from them as they did from Stahl.

Long-term partnership with Polymerization Processes Group

Stahl recently started a long term partnership with the University of the Basque Country in San Sebastian (Spain). For this Stahl has an active role in the "Polymerization Processes Group” an Industrial Liaison Program.

University of Wageningen: Circular use of leather waste

The University of Wageningen, based in the Netherlands, is one of the world leaders in water-related research and Stahl recently deepened its academic ties to the university by sponsoring a post graduate research project into the potential circular use of leather waste from tanneries. 

Promoting good practices at Shanxi and Sichuan universities

Stahl also cooperates closely with Shanxi and Sichuan Universities in China, specifically with regard to student training and the promotion of good practices throughout the industry. 

Tailor-made courses at Stahl Campus®

Stahl educates professionals of brands, tanners, manufacturers and OEM’s via its educational initiative known as Stahl Campus®. Its knowledges centers with tailor-made courses for leather and performance coatings are based in The Netherlands, Mexico, China and India respectively.

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Educational partnerships with universities for a sustainable future
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