Stakeholder engagement helps us improve our industry

Our corporate strategy includes interacting with our stakeholders so we can better understand their perspectives and priorities when it comes to our company and the industries and markets in which we operate. Stakeholder engagement is central to our aim of creating a transparent supply chain that reduces our collective environmental footprint and includes transparent communications and continuous assessments of our operations with and by our partners.

How we define our stakeholders

Our stakeholders include employees, customers, governments, NGOs, industry associations, universities, communities and media. We are in constant contact with all these stakeholders about industry developments, our activities and services and other important topics, such as our Materiality Matrix.

How we involve our stakeholders

We expect every Stahl location and business to engage with its stakeholders. These stakeholders are defined as people and organizations that may be affected by our actions, goals and policies, and which may impact us in the same way. We engage with them on an ongoing basis, and the following table provides a snapshot of the steps we take to form and maintain productive relationships with our key stakeholder groups.

StakeholdersEngagement activities
  • Trainings and presentations

  • Human resources

  • Meetings, announcements and mailshots

  • Intranet

  • Internal events

  • Website, social media

  • Policies: Stahl Employee Code of Conduct

  • Whistleblower policy

  • Introduction program for new employees

  • Sales process

  • Technical and application support

  • Client audits

  • Stahl Campus® training sessions

  • Centers of Excellence

  • Fairs, trade shows, conferences

  • General marketing campaigns

  • Website, social media, press releases

  • Media partnerships

  • Webinars, whitepapers, technical articles

  • Business and educational partnerships

  • Client mailshots

  • Membership of ZDHC/ bluesign®/ LWG/ TEGEWA

  • Annual report

  • ESG Report

Distributors and agents
Investors and shareholders
  • Board Meeting - at least 1x per year

  • Quarterly meetings

  • Formal financial updates and reports

  • Monthly Safety, Health and Environmental reports

  • Annual report

  • ESG Report

  • Conferences

  • Website, social media, press releases

  • Stahl Business Code of Conduct

  • Meetings

  • Supplier audit program

  • Innovation, R&D, responsible chemistry

  • Strategic Business Units

  • Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability projects

Consumer brands
  • Stahl Campus® training sessions

  • ZDHC

  • bluesign® approved products

  • Special events

  • Marketing communications

Government (incl. public authorities)
  • Permits

  • Compliance, audits & monitoring

  • NGOs

  • General marketing campaigns

NGOs and Civil Society
  • Global and local projects

  • Charitable donations and local activities

Industry associations and foundations
  • Fairs, trade shows, conferences

  • Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability

  • PSD, R&D, product managers

  • Brand Services

  • Projects

Academic institutions
  • Stahl Campus® training sessions

  • R&D

  • Strategic Business Units

    Brand Services

How we engage with stakeholder feedback

We welcome critical questions, we assess our business activities on their corporate responsibility and sustainability and we communicate transparently, all with a view to increasing the general acceptance of our business activities. These kinds of dialogs help us decide what we should do to keep people informed, establish trust and form partnerships. So what would you like to discuss?