Driving our future success Driving our future success
Digital Transformation

Driving our future success

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Adding value to society, together Adding value to society, together
Open Innovation

Adding value to society, together

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Transitioning to Renewable Feedstocks from fossil carbon Transitioning to Renewable Feedstocks from fossil carbon
Renewable Feedstocks

Transitioning to Renewable Feedstocks from fossil carbon

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Doing well by doing good Doing well by doing good
Sustainable Development

Doing well by doing good

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You will find a little bit of Stahl everywhere

Stahl is the world leader in the specialty chemistry of coatings, processing and treatments. Our products add functionality, durability and comfort to many different materials used in everyday life. Through our continuous focus on innovation and improving the environmental footprint, our unique service model and premium solutions add value to various industries.

Responsible Chemistry

The world is facing defining challenges that require us to rethink priorities, drive environmental awareness and adapt production processes. At Stahl, the road to responsible chemistry started in 1978...
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Performance Coatings

Stahl delivers specialty finishes and coating solutions that enhance the qualities of surfaces. We provide solutions that improve product performance, such as surface damage resistance, hardness or fl...
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Leather solutions

From wet-end to leather finish, our chemists have the expertise and know-how to create high-quality leathers that both meet the respective demands of the automotive, apparel, fashion, footwear, interi...
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What's going on

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Hybrid Polymers – the best of both worlds

Hybrid is a word commonly used to describe something that is made by combining two distinct elements. A car can be a hybrid of electric power and gasoline fuel. A mule is a hybrid between a horse and...
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Diversity: no bounderies, no frontiers

Stahl has facilities around the world, and at these facilities the world converges with international teams, working closely together. One example is our research chemists, who work on a daily basis t...
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Stahl Explains: What are probiotics for leather?

Since 2016 Stahl has been commercializing the “Proviera® - Probiotics for leather™” product range in the leather industry. But what are “Probiotics”? What contribution can Probiotics make in leat...
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