High-performance coating solutions for architectural and construction materials

Increased coating performance with lower environmental impact

Improve the properties of architectural wood, metal, paint and textiles while minimizing the environmental impact with Stahl high-performance coating solutions. Our performance coatings meet the most stringent product requirements, making them the go-to choice in situations where failure must be prevented.

Maintain wood’s natural qualities

With wind, rain, frost and UV to contend with, protecting wood outdoors requires high-resistance coating solutions. Stahl’s surface solutions for outdoor wood increase its long-term performance and protect its natural beauty for longer.

Industrial metals

Coatings for industrial metals must meet the most stringent performance requirements. Our high-performance coating solutions help metals withstand extreme environmental conditions.

Paint coatings

We can help paint and coating manufacturers create high-performance solutions that use dispersions, resins and additives to improve the surface properties of a wide range of materials.

Technical textiles for architectural construction

Stahl chemistry and technologies improve the flame retardancy and other properties of technical textiles, turning them into high-performance solutions for demanding requirements.