The highest performance in Coated Fabrics

The highest performance in Coated Fabrics

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Textiles and fabrics are used in a variety of high-performance functions. We use them to protect ourselves from the elements, to improve our lives, increase safety and for technical applications in industrial processes. In pushing materials to new performance standards and creating new possibilities, Stahl provides full service with tailor-made performance coatings for fabrics.

Innovative coatings for textile materials

From tarpaulin on trucks, industrial applications in isolation and filtering, advertising on billboards and banners to high-performance outdoor gear, we use textiles in the most rigorous circumstances. The market is constantly looking for ways to get more out of material and in particular fabrics are now able to serve us on remarkable levels. Not just in performance and properties but in environmental standards as well, thanks to cleaner production and lower impact. This means, to find your cutting edge on a market that consistently moves towards new possibilities, tailor-made excellence is an added value. This is what Stahl provides for woven, non-woven and knitted fabrics in a wide variety of applications, by offering a full service portfolio to bring your product to the next innovative level. 

Service from formulation to testing and prototyping

To help you get the best possible performance, meeting the exact standards you require, we offer a wide range of technologies and solutions, combined with our in-depth expertise, with a partnership-as-service method. Thanks to expansive in-house testing facilities and small-scale production at our globally located Centers of Excellence, we provide product support and development assistance from start to finish. By working side-by-side on custom product solutions, we can provide tried and tested product advice. Combining our years of hands-on experience in the treatment of materials and our specialist solutions with your product expertise, we are able bring your products to new heights and meet the ever-increasing performance challenges. 

Industry coverage of our textile technologies

Our solutions serve a wide range of industries: we provide products for mobility, outdoor & lifestyle, interior design, industrial & protective and exterior application, but can provide custom solutions for many other applications.

A number of our solutions for coated fabrics and technical textiles are part of the Stahl EVO® product portfolio. These next generation polyurethanes are compliant with the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) and Manufacturing Restricted Substance List (MRSL).

Coated Fabrics portfolio overview

For the coating and treatment of technical textiles, Stahl provides water-based and solvent-based technologies. Through our partnership-as-service model, we work side-by-side with you to meet product demands These high-quality solutions are only a small selection from our technology portfolio:

Permutex® portfolio:
Our Permutex® portfolio meets and often exceeds industry regulations, with a wide variety of qualities and applications, which provides the best in PU-technology. 

Flame retardants portfolio:
We offer a complete range of flame retardant building blocks with polymer dispersions and additives.

Crosslinkers and performance additives portfolio:
We believe in the power of an extensive crosslinkers and performance additives portfolio that meet market demands and outperform on customer’s needs.

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The highest performance in Coated Fabrics
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