Footwear as the ultimate fashion statement

Designing the footwear of the future

At Stahl, we support world-leading footwear original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in creating innovative, forward-thinking material collections. With our commitment to responsible chemistry, we provide sustainable solutions to help our partners deliver the footwear of the future.

Uppers & Liners

Create responsible, high fashion footwear with the possibilities offered by Stahl’s uppers and liners for leather, synthetics, and textiles.

Built for the outdoors

With our high-performance solutions, we will help make sure your footwear is fully suited to harsh outdoor environments – for beautiful, long-lasting products.

Exploring the latest trends in footwear

With the Stahl Design Studio®, we keep a close watch on the latest trends, colors, and technologies. Our professionals can help you create low-impact, future-ready garments that look good without costing the Earth.

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