Fashion items built for the outdoors

Your fashion items must be able to withstand tough conditions such as rain, water, and snow if your customers are to enjoy outdoor life to the fullest. You want to ensure shoes and leather goods such as garments, bags, and luggage remain beautiful, just the way you designed them. At Stahl, we can provide high-performance, low-impact solutions for your specific needs.

High-performance chemical solutions and coatings

High-performance chemical solutions and coatings Stahl offers responsible, high-performance leather chemical solutions and performance coatings for a variety of materials and applications. We work closely with our customers to develop solutions and coatings for an extensive range of requirements, including making sure fashionable items withstand tough outdoor conditions. With Stahl’s range of technologies, we can add value in different ways. From waterproofing hiking boots to protecting the rubber soles of shoes, and from preventing stains on garments to keeping the leather of your luxurious bag beautiful with our water-repellent solutions.

Responsible portfolios for leathers and synthetics

Our portfolio is designed to improve the environmental impact of applications and enable sustainable living, with low-impact solutions available for both leathers and synthetics. Stahl Neo® is an improved-impact, pro-environmental solution for leather production, from wet-end to finishing. This makes this portfolio ideal for creating premium-quality leathers for the fashion industry with an enhanced environmental profile. Stahl NeoTM products meet and exceed the requirements for ZDHC MRSL compliance and are easy to adapt to existing formulations and applications. This enables tanners to consistently produce leather articles in a compliant and sustainable way.

Free from hazardous classified substances, our Stahl EVO® range is the next generation of polyurethane coatings for synthetics. The latest innovative additions to the Stahl EVO® range include the 100% water-based Stahl EVO® top coat and the DMF(A)-free Stahl EVO® base. The latter is a more sustainable alternative for the conventional DMF(A)-coagulation process; especially important for the fashion and automotive interior industries.