Penetrators that achieve effective impregnation and sealing

Stahl offers several penetrators that can be used for impregnation and base coats for a range of applications in the apparel and accessories and interior design industries. They include products from our Amollan® and Melio® portfolios, and act either as universal penetrators (for base coat and impregnation) or as penetration improvers used with the base coat, sealer coat or impregnation system.

ProductTypeMain features
Amollan® IPPenetratorUniversal penetrator (base coat and impregnation).
BM-107-PTPenetratorImproves penetration - Used with base coat and sealer coat.
Melio® P-4893.BPenetratorUniversal penetrator (base coat and impregnation).
Melio® P-4894.APenetratorHighly effective penetrator and levelling agent.
PT-4235PenetratorUniversal penetrator (base coat and impregnation).
PT-4260PenetratorImproves penetration - Used with base coat.
PT-6562PenetratorFor impregnation system.
PT-6591PenetratorImproves penetration for impregnation systems.

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Penetrators are used to increase grain tightness in both full and corrected grain leather while enabling thorough and uniform distribution of impregnation resins. This enables tanners and manufacturers to produce high-quality leather for garment, shoes and leather goods, and upholstery applications.

Enabling maximum penetration

Stahl’s penetrator portfolio enables effective penetration for impregnation systems, base coats, and even top coats, for various leather applications. Many of our penetrators are particularly ideal for use with impregnation systems, while our Amollan® IP is a universal penetrator for use in both the base coat and impregnation.

Versatile, effective Melio® penetrators

Stahl’s Melio® penetrators are particularly versatile, offering effective penetration for a range of applications. Our Melio® P-4893.B is a universal penetrator that is ideal for garment, shoes and other leather goods, and upholstery applications. Melio® P-4894.A is a very effective penetrator that can also act as a leveling agent, and can be used with the top coat as well as for impregnation and with the base coat.

Stahl’s penetrators are all part of our Stahl Neo® portfolio– meaning they are free of all ZDHC listed substances.