Enhance and improve leather with our high-performance solutions

Stahl’s range of leather enhancement solutions enables tanners and manufacturers to produce premium-quality leather in the most efficient way possible. Whether you need a clear or colored lacquer, a penetrator, an upgrading solution or something else, our portfolio can offer the right product to enhance leather for a variety of applications.
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Solventborne lacquers for high-quality top coats

Stahl offers a range of solventborne lacquers that add high-quality top coats to leather. The lacquers are particularly useful for shoes and leather goods applications but are also used for garment and upholstery applications. Among them are nitrocellulose (NC) and cellulose acetate butyrate (CAB) clear lacquers, CAB white lacquers, and a primer. Our solventborne lacquers include solutions from our Melio® portfolio.

Versatile waterborne emulsion lacquers that add texture and protection

Stahl’s waterborne emulsion lacquers can be used on full grain leather, corrected grain leather , or skins for a range of applications across the apparel, accessories and interior design industries. The portfolio, including products from the Corial® and Melio® ranges, contains five main product types: NC clear lacquers, NC black lacquers, CAB clear lacquers, CAB white lacquers, and a beauty maker.

User-friendly upgrading solutions

To enable tanners and manufacturers to produce smooth, premium leather, Stahl offers a portfolio of upgrading solutions that can mask almost any kind of grain defect. The range includes Aquabases and products from the Lepton®, Melio®, and Mirage® portfolios. These products are particularly useful for high-end applications where smooth leather is in high demand. We also offer several miscellaneous leather solutions including waxes, catalysts, primers, and resins.

Effective penetrators for impregnation and sealing

Stahl’s penetrators are ideal for impregnation and base coats. They can act as universal penetrators for the base coat and impregnation, or as penetration improvers for use with the base coat, sealer coat or impregnation system. Among them are products from our Amollan® and Melio® portfolios.

Stahl’s leather enhancement solutions are part of our Stahl Neo® portfolio, which means that they comply with the ZDHC MRSL.