Our solventborne lacquers provide high-quality top coats

Our solventborne lacquers provide high-quality top coats

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To enhance leather by adding high-qaulity top coatings, Stahl offers a range of solventborne lacquers. These include nitrocellulose (NC) and cellulose acetate butyrate (CAB) clear lacquers, CAB white lacquers and a primer. Our solventborne lacquers are ideal for shoes and leather goods applications, but are also used for garment and upholstery applications.

Main features
NC Clear Lacquers
LS-64-122 NC Florentique® finish - Good for shoe upper wet mounting
LS-64-256 NC Clear nitro lacquer - High abrasion properties - Natural feel and look
LS-64-296 NC Good scuff resistance
EX-LS-64-400 NC Florentique® brushable top
EX-LS-64-433 NC Natural waxy and soft feel
Melio® N-288.B NC For high gloss finishes
Melio® N-293.B NC For soft leathers - Very good milling properties
CAB Clear Lacquers
LS-64-434 CAB Clear CAB - Good ironing properties
CAB White Lacquers
LS-65-142 CAB White CAB lacquer - Natural aspect - Good coverage
Melio® N-220.A CAB White pigmented - Bluish white shade - Universal use
LS-64-468 Resin White CAB lacquer - Natural aspect - Good coverage

Find out all about our solventborne lacquers and their properties by downloading the catalog.

Versatile NC clear lacquers

Stahl’s NC clear lacquers offer a range of properties such as abrasion, scuff resistance, and soft, waxy or glossy textures. They include products from the LS, EX-LS, and Melio® ranges. In particular, the LS-64-122 and EX-LS-64-433 have Florentique® finishes, while Melio® N-288.B is particularly suitable for high gloss finishes and Melio® N-293.B offers excellent milling properties.

Glossy, high-coverage CAB lacquers

Stahl’s solventborne lacquer portfolio includes one clear and two white CAB lacquers. Our CAB clear lacquer LS-64-434 is a medium-hard lacquer with a high gloss for shoes and leather goods applications. It offers especially good ironing properties. Stahl offers two CAB white lacquers, LS-65-142 and Melio® N-220.A, which are ideal for shoes and leather goods applications. LS-65-142 offers good coverage, while Melio® N-220.A is a white-pigmented lacquer that produces a blue-white shade.

Adhesive, high-gloss primer resin

Stahl’s LS-64-488 primer is a medium-hard, high-gloss resin for use in top coatings for a range of applications from automotive to upholstery. It is primarily designed for recoating and promotes good adhesion.

All of Stahl’s solventborne lacquers are part of our Stahl Neo® portfolio, which means that they comply with the ZDHC MRSL.

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Our solventborne lacquers provide high-quality top coats
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