Waterborne emulsion lacquers that add protection and texture

Stahl’s waterborne emulsion lacquers enables manufacturers to enhance leather by adding protective or textured top coatings and are perfect for a range of applications across the apparel, accessories and interior design industries. They can be used on full grain leather, corrected grain leather and skins. Our portfolio includes products from the Corial® and Melio® ranges, and five main product types: nitrocellulose (NC) clear lacquers, NC black lacquers, cellulose acetate butyrate (CAB) clear lacquers, CAB white lacquers, and a beauty maker.

ProductTypeMain features
NC Clear Lacquers
AL-13-749NCLow-VOC - Good dry and wet properties - Easy ironing - Good for tipping.
Corial®  EM Finish GNCGeneral use for S&LG and Garment leathers - Good properties
Corial®  EM Finish KNNCHigh gloss and high wetrub resistance - Good resistance to plating at high temperature.
Corial®  EM Finish MNCDull lacquer emulsion - Soft handle and good fastness.
LW-61-286NCGood wet fastness - Good ironing properties.
EX-LW-64-344NCGood ironing properties - Glazed look - Ideal for hand tipping effect.
EX-LW-64-370NCWaxy natural feel.
LW-64-490NCNatural light finish.
LW-65-341NCGood wet fastness.
Melio® EW-346NCNC-emulsion lacquer for universal use - No remaining smell.
Melio® EW-348.CNCNC-emulsion lacquer - Multiple use.
Melio® EW-365.ANCIntermediate NC lacquer for Furniture upholstery.
Melio® EW-D-330NCNC-emulsion lacquer - Used in combination with glossy lacquers.
NC Black Lacquers
Corial® EM Finish BlackNCBlack NC lacquer - Natural look and soft hand feel.
EX-LW-64-356NCBlack NC lacquer - Natural feel.
Melio® EW-314.BNCBlack NC lacquer, universal use - Suitable also for brush-off lacquers.
CAB Clear Lacquers
LW-64-511CABFor pastel shades.
LW-64-941CABFor leather goods.
Melio® EW-629.CCABCAB-emulsion lacquer - Crosslinkable.
CAB White Lacquers
LW-65-343CABWhite CAB lacquer - Non yellowing - Good coverage.
Beauty Maker
BM-378-ALNCWaxy and soft natural feel - Low-VOC.

Learn more about our waterborne emulsion lacquers and their properties by downloading the catalog.

Resistant, glossy NC clear lacquers

Stahl’s NC clear lacquers offer a range of high-performance properties, including wet-fastness, gloss, and easy ironing. In addition, Corial® EM Finish KN offers good plating resistance under heat, while EX-LW-64-344 is perfect for adding a hand-tipping effect. Melio® EW-384.C can be used multiple times, while Melio® EW-D-330 is designed for use alongside glossy lacquers.

Natural-effect NC black lacquers

Stahl offers three NC black lacquers which offer natural looks and textures. They are suitable for full grain leather, corrected grain leather and skins and include Corial®, Melio®, and EX-LW products. In particular, Melio® EW-314.B can also be used for brush-off lacquers.

Versatile CAB lacquers

Stahl offers a range of CAB clear lacquers in glosses ranging from dull to high. LW-64-511 is particularly suitable for pastels, while LW-64-941 is ideal for leather goods and Melio® EW-629.C is crosslinkable. Our CAB white lacquer LW-65-343 is a hard lacquer with a medium gloss, for use in top coats on a range of leather types, especially for garment applications. It is non-yellowing and offers good coverage.

A soft, sustainable beauty maker

Stahl’s waterborne emulsion lacquer beauty maker is a medium-soft, medium-gloss NC lacquer for top coats on a range of leathers, offering a waxy, soft, and natural feel with low-VOC content.

All of our waterborne emulsion lacquers are part of our Stahl Neo® portfolio, which means that they comply with the ZDHC MRSL.