Dullers for shine-free matt surfaces

Stahl offers a portfolio of dullers that reduce shine and produce a matt surface in top coats for leather. These dullers are especially useful for shoes and leather goods applications, but are also used in garments and upholstery. Stahl’s portfolio includes both solvent-based and water-based dullers. As well as reducing shine, the water-based dullers add a waxy feel to the leather.

ProductTypeMain features
Solvent-based Dullers
SD-51-000DullerNC silica.
SD-51-783DullerNC stearate.
SD-51-784DullerCAB stearate
Water-based Dullers
EX-WD-60-527DullerNC - Stearate based - Natural aspect with waxy feel.
WD-530DullerNC free - Stearate based - Natural aspect with waxy feel.

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Solvent-based dullers

Stahl has three solvent-based dullers that can be added to top coats, for use on NC (nitrocellulose) silica, NC stearate, and CAB (cellulose acetate butyrate) stearate. These dullers are particularly suitable for shoes and leather goods applications.

Water-based dullers

Stahl’s two water-based dullers are both stearate-based and provide a natural aspect with a waxy feel to top coats. We have one NC and one NC-free option, and they are especially suitable for garment and shoes and leather goods applications. They can also be used for upholstery applications.

All of Stahl’s dullers are part of our Stahl Neo® portfolio, which means that they comply with the ZDHC MRSL.