Our versatile leather preparation solutions create quality finishes

Stahl offers an extensive portfolio of leather preparation solutions that enable formulators and manufacturers to add quality finishes by creating high-performance sealer, base or top coats. Whether it’s oils and waxes, auxiliaries, protein binders, dullers, fillers or hand modifiers, our portfolio has a solution for the high-quality leather finish you require.

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High-performance oils and waxes for aniline pull-up leather

Stahl offers several oils and waxes for aniline pull-up and oiled leather, which add oily, dry, silky, or waxy textures, as well as additional properties like a wax crunch or swelling. Stahl’s oils and waxes can add pull-up effects from light to dark, and our portfolio also includes products that can be used to add water-resistance.

High-performance auxiliaries for leather finishing

Our auxiliaries enable formulators and manufacturers to add the highest-performance leather coatings and finishes. Our auxiliaries portfolio includes defoamers, foam stabilizers, leveling agents, thickeners, and thinners and can be used in sealer, base and top coats and dyes for a range of leathers.

Protein binders for high-quality finishes

Stahl’s protein binders add glazed, natural, polish or classic finishings to leather. The portfolio includes solutions with various hardness and gloss levels and contains protein binders for sealer, base, and top coats. Among the protein binders we offer are products from the Melio® ranges.

Effective solvent- and water-based dullers

Stahl’s dullers reduce shine and produce a matt surface in top coats, and include both solvent-based and water-based options, which can also add a waxy feel.

Versatile fillers and filler oils for a range of needs

To add various effects to sealer, base, and top coats, Stahl has a variety of fillers and filler oils. These include filler inorganics, wax emulsions, cationics, filler oils, and a Beauty Maker, and range from hard to soft. Among the possible effects are softness, abrasion resistance, and anti-sticking properties. Stahl’s fillers are most commonly used in base coats for shoes and leather goods applications, and include products from our Melio® and Lepton® portfolios.

High-resistance hand modifiers to create quality top-coat textures

Stahl’s portfolio of hand modifiers improves the hand-feel of leather surfaces when used in top coats. They can add various textures, including slippery, talc, waxy, soft, silky or natural hand-feels. They can also provide excellent wet and dry abrasion resistance and non-yellowing properties. Our range includes silicone, wax, polymer and surfactant modifiers, including solvent-based products.

All of Stahl’s leather preparation solutions are part of our Stahl Neo® portfolio, which means that they comply with the ZDHC MRSL.