Fillers and filler oils that enhance leather coatings

Our leather preparation portfolio includes a range of fillers and filler oils, including filler inorganics, wax emulsions, cationics, filler oils, and a beauty maker, to add various effects to sealer, base, and top coats. They have filmhardness ranges from hard to soft and are most commonly recommended as base and sealer coats for shoes & leathergoods, garments and upholstery, but can also be used for several other applications. Whether you need to add softness, abrasion resistance or anti-sticking properties, our portfolio includes a filler for you.

ProductTypeMain features
Filler Inorganics
FI-1208InorganicGood covering - Natural aspect - Duller.
FI-1261InorganicGood covering - Duller.
FI-1271InorganicGood covering and filling - Duller.
Lepton® Filler FCGWaxGood dulling, levelling & filling agent - Good anti-sticking effect.
Melio® Filler DInorganicStrong dulling and filling agent - Good anti-sticking effect.
Melio® Mattpaste CInorganicNC free - Silica based - Strong matting.
Melio® Mattpaste EC.AInorganicHighly effective matting agent - High light and heat resistance.
Wax Emulsions
FI-50WaxGood covering - Natural and waxy feel.
FI-77WaxClean pull-up effect.
FI-1895WaxClean pull-up effect - Does not highlight leather defects.
FI-13-163WaxImproves brush-off effect.
FI-22-098WaxShiny tip effect - Used in pull-up and polishable finishes.
FI-22-195WaxShiny tip effect - Used in pull-up and polishable finishes.
FI-22-532WaxBurnishing effect - Strong upgrading.
FI-70-306WaxMaquillage effect - Mixable with solvent.
Lepton® Filler HWaxGood covering - Natural and waxy feel.
Lepton® Wax 11WaxImproves plating, polishing and gloss for conventional and glazed finishing - Good resistance to waterspotting.
Lepton® Wax BNWaxGlood plate release - Suitable for water resistant leathers.
Melio® Wax 145WaxWide range of pull-up articles.
Melio® Wax 178WaxVery efficient plate release.
Melio® Wax 180WaxFeel agent and plate release.
Melio® Wax 182WaxDark polishable - For polishable coats to increase the gloss.
Melio® Wax 186WaxVery good anti-sticking agent, polishable and repolishable - Very high gloss.
Melio® Wax 187WaxDark polishable and darkens after hot plating - Pull-up effect.
Melio® Wax 188WaxWax & oil mixture - Very soft waxy feel for nappa & garment.
Melio® Wax AL-03.AWaxTo achieve pull-up imitation effects on pigmented base coats.
Melio® Wax PW-301WaxStrong and even pull-up effect.
FI-64WaxWaxy grabby feel.
FI-1292WaxOily touch - Non yellowing.
FI-1586WaxWaxy and greasy feel - Non yellowing.
FI-17-101WaxVery natural waxy feel - Anti-sticking agent.
FI-17-701WaxUpgrading - Non film forming - Hiding and masking power.
Lepton® Wax AWaxWeakly cationic - Good covering - Natural and waxy feel.
Filler Oils
Eukesol® Oil GroundOilCationic oil emulsion used for sealer coat and grain softener.
FI-18-383OilFor oil pull-up effect and polishing.
Melio® Ground BGOilSlightly cationic, modified oil-ground - Good anti-sticking agent, good filling - Levels the absorption of the crust.
Melio® Ground KOilSlightly cationic oily filler - Anti-sticking agent, very strong filling effect - Polishable, strong levelling effect.
Melio® Ground NUOilPolishable, strong filling - Soft, medium gloss - Elegant upgrading.
Melio® Oil PW-110OilStrong pull-up effects and preground for glazed or polished finishes.
Melio® Oil PW-130OilImprove softening and fullness - Dry feel and little pull-up.
Beauty Maker
BM-388-FOOilExcellent polishing properties - Good filling and coverage.

Learn about our fillers and filler oils, and their properties, by downloading the catalog.

Stahl’s range of fillers and filler oils offer high-performance characteristics, from anti-sticking to leveling and polishing, to coatings for a range of leather applications in the Apparel & Accessories and Interior Design industries.

Filler inorganics

Our filler inorganics offer good coverage and effects like dulling and leveling, mostly for base coats. The Lepton® Filler FCG and the Melio® Filler D both add anti-sticking properties, while the Melio® Mattpaste C and EC.A offer strong matting effects, with Mattpaste EC.A also offering good resistance to heat and light. Melio® Mattpaste C is particularly recommend for use on leathers for automotive applications.

Wax emulsions

Stahl’s wax emulsions are designed mainly for base coats for various applications, especially garments and shoes and leather goods. Our Melio® product range offers a variety of pull-up and dark polishable effects, where our Lepton® range includes solutions with waterspotting resistance and waterproofing properties. The FI product range includes solutions with a variety of effects, including white wax, clean pull-up, burnishing and maquillage effects.


Stahl has several cationic fillers for sealer, base, and top coats. Most of these provide a waxy or oily texture, and several prevent yellowing. In particular, our FI-17-701 wax does not form a film, and adds strong hiding and masking, while FI-17-701 prevents sticking.

Filler oils

Stahl’s filler oils provide high-performance effects for sealer and base coats, and are most commonly used for garment or shoes and leather goods applications. They add a variety of pull-up effects, as well as finishing and polishing effects. In particular, our Melio® Ground BG helps level crust absorption and has effective anti-sticking properties. The Melio® Ground K also has anti-sticking properties and highly effective filling, while the Melio® Ground NU adds a soft gloss. In addition, our Melio® Oil PW-110 is preground for glazed or polished finishes, while the Melio® Oil PW-130 adds softness, fullness and a dry texture.

Beauty maker

Stahl’s beauty maker, BM-388-FO, is a highly effective polisher, adding strong filling and coverage for sealer and base coats for garment, shoes and leather goods and upholstery applications.

Stahl’s fillers and filler oils are part of our Stahl Neo® portfolio, which means that they comply with the ZDHC MRSL.