Hand modifiers that improve leather surface textures

To improve the hand-feel of leather surfaces, Stahl has a range of hand modifiers mostly for use in top coats for a range of leather applications, from automotive and garments to shoes and leather goods or upholstery. These modifiers come in silicone, wax, polymer and surfactant forms and can offer excellent wet and dry abrasion resistance and non-yellowing properties. Stahl’s portfolio also includes solvent-based hand modifiers. Whether you’re looking for a slippery, talc, waxy, soft, silky or natural texture, our portfolio has the solution to enable formulators and manufacturers to achieve the right quality hand-feel.

ProductTypeMain features
HM-183SiliconeGood dry and wet abrasion properties - Non yellowing - Good Martindale.
HM-443SiliconeNon yellowing - Natural feel.
HM-611SiliconeGood dry and wet abrasion properties - Non yellowing - Good Martindale.
EX-HM-683SiliconeGood dry and wet abrasion properties - Non yellowing - Good Martindale - BTX free.
HM-1179WaxExcellent Taber resistance, soft draggy feel - Increase resistance to wet and dry rubs.
EX-HM-3130SiliconeAbrasion and scuff resistance - Lubricates glazing finishes.
HM-3139SiliconeNon yellowing - Keep gloss and transparence of glazed and polishable finish.
HM-3183SiliconePromotes flow and levelling properties.
HM-13-377SiliconeWet dry rubs (leather goods finish) - Natural feel.
HM-13-720SiliconeGood dry and wet rubfastness - Taber and Highwear properties - BTX free.
HM-13-843SiliconeNatural feel for high performance waterborne top coats.
HM-21-720SiliconeGood dry and wet rubfastness - Abrasion and scuff resistance - Non yellowing.
HM-51-760SiliconeNon yellowing - Buttery feel - Wet and dry rubs.
Lepton® Wax CS NewSiliconeMild cationic silicone emusion.
Lepton® Wax WNSiliconeImproves Taber and wet rubfastness - Improves levelling and defoaming.
Melio® Fettgriff SZ.AWaxCationic - Dry, waxy feel.
Melio® Fettgriff TRAWaxSlightly cationic - Slightly dry, waxy feel.
EX-Melio® Ground P.APolymerStrong stoppy - Waxy feel.
Melio® WF-5227.AWaxExcellent Taber resistance, slippery waxy feel - Increase resistance to wet and dry rubs.
Melio® WF-5230SiliconeOily-smooth - Natural feel - No greying on dark shades.
Melio® WF-5238SiliconeImproves Taber fastness - silky slippery.
Melio® WF-5241SiliconeImproves soiling resistance.
EX-HM-4958SurfactantWaxy and grabby feel for light finishes and natural leathers.
HM-22-132SiliconeGood abrasion and scuff resistance.
Melio® OF-5217.ASiliconeSlippery, slightly waxy feel - Dilutable in water and/or organic solvents.

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High-performance hand modifiers for quality texture

Stahl’s portfolio of hand modifiers adds slippery, talc, waxy, soft, or natural touch to a range of leathers when added to top or base coats. Their applications include automotive, garment, shoes and leather goods and upholstery. Many of Stahl’s hand modifiers also provide additional properties such as dry and wet abrasion and rub resistance, non-yellowing, good Martindale abrasion performance, and good Taber resistance.

In particular, Stahl’s EX-HM-3130 silicone adds a slippery feel with abrasion and scuff resistance while lubricating glazed finishes, while our HM-3139 silicone adds a soft feel while retaining gloss and transparency. Our HM-3138 encourages flow and leveling while adding a natural texture. In addition, Stahl’s Melio® WF-5230 adds an oily-smooth natural texture with no greying on dark shades, and Melio® WF-5241 provides soiling resistance while adding a slippery texture.

Solvent-based hand modifiers

Our solvent-based hand modifiers are another addition to our hand-modifier portfolio and can be used for top coats, to add slippery or grabby textures. Stahl’s EX-HM-4958 surfactant gives a waxy, grabby texture for lighter finishes and natural leathers, while our HM-22-132 silicone offers excellent abrasion and scuff resistance, and the Melio OF-5217.A silicone adds a slippery, waxy texture and can be diluted in both water and organic solvents.

All of Stahl’s hand modifiers are part of our Stahl Neo® portfolio, which means that they comply with the ZDHC MRSL.