Discover natural elegance and advanced performance with Aqualen® Top NG

A new generation of deluxe water-based topcoats 
A sophisticated topcoat can elevate your leather goods to a whole new level of desirability. But what if you could achieve that perfect finish with a reduced ecological impact?

With Stahl, now you can. Discover the next step in water-based topcoat evolution with our advanced Aqualen® Top NG range. Why compromise between visuals, haptics, and durability when you can have it all?

Aqualen® Top NG’s exclusive formulation design was created with our new generation of polymer technology and selected auxiliaries, giving products a superior natural-leather look and feel along with high fastness and superior durability.

So – whether it’s shoe uppers, garments, bags, upholstery, or accessories – for leather goods that require that extra touch of elegance, Aqualen® Top NG has got you covered.

Discover Aqualen® Top NG: our deluxe water-based topcoat solution 

  • Naturally elegant look and feel

  • Superior fastness (dry, wet, alkaline, light)

  • Improved cost-benefit ratio

  • Excellent technical performance 
    - Responds well to plate release 
    - Uniform dry milling behavior 
    - Simplified application

  • Enhanced consumer safety 
    - No NC or CAB 
    - VOC - Compliant with ZDHC MRSL

  • Compatible with most existing water-based auxiliaries for finishing

Four stunning water-based finish options 
The versatile Aqualen® Top NG range allows you to create a finish that truly reflects your product’s personality – whether you choose a luxurious high gloss or an ultramodern matte. 

ProductDescriptionSolids (%)pHViscosity (mPa-s 25)Film
Aqualen® Top NG-01Matte water-based topcoat208600Medium-soft
Aqualen® Top NG-02
Medium-gloss water-based topcoat208.5600Medium-soft
Aqualen® Top NG-03
High-gloss water-based topcoat238.5150Medium-soft
Aqualen® Top NG-04
Haptic-enhanced water-based topcoat208400Medium-soft

Benefit from Stahl’s advanced polymer technology 
Aqualen® Top NG’s self-crosslinking polymer technology enables extremely high fastness without overloading the leather’s surface – for a distinctively premium appearance. Additional crosslinkers can also be added for even better technical performance.

Water-based topcoats for enhanced consumer safety 
As a high-performance alternative to solvent- or aqueous-based conventional lacquers, all the products in the Aqualen® Top NG range are free from nitrocellulose and cellulose acetate butyrate (CAB). They also have a VOC content of less than 1% and comply with ZDHC’s Manufacturing Restricted Substances List (MRSL) 2.0 and Stahl Neo® restrictions.

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