Leather protection solutions for high-quality leather finishes

Leather protection solutions for high-quality leather finishes

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Stahl offers several leather protection solutions that protect and enhance leather. These include acrylic resins, butadiene and hybrid resins, compact resins, impregnation resins, polyurethane resins, solvent polyurethanes, velour finishes and water repellents, water-based top coats and crosslinkers. They can be used on a range of automotive, garment, shoes & leather goods and upholstery applications.

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Versatile acrylic resins

Stahl’s acrylic resins add high-performance protection to sealer and base coats and come in a variety of particle sizes, film hardnesses, and glass transition temperatures. Among our acrylic resins are products from our Corial® and Melio® portfolios.

Butadiene and hybrid resins for shoes and leather goods

Stahl offers butadiene and hybrid resins to add protection to leather base coats. They come in gloss and patent finishes and offer high resistance. These resins are ideal for shoes and other leather goods applications, but can also be used for clothing and interior design applications. 

Compact resins that add a variety of protective properties

Our compact resins enable leather manufacturers to add protective properties to base and sealer coats and can be used on full grain, splits, and skins leather for a variety of applications. Our range of compact resins includes products from our Lepton® and Melio® portfolios, as well as cationic resins.

Impregnation resins for binding or grain-tightening

To provide impregnation binding or grain-tightening impregnation, Stahl has a range of impregnation resins, many of which also offer good adhesion. They come in various particle sizes and film hardnesses, are ideal for shoes and leather goods applications, and include products from both our Corial® and Melio® portfolios.

Protective, functional polyurethane resins

Stahl’s polyurethane resins add high-performance protective properties like adhesion promotion, high-performance PUD, and good print retention and flexes, to sealer and base coats. The range includes an adhesion promoter, a base coat, a dull base coat, cationics, and a beauty maker.

Glossy solvent polyurethanes

Stahl offers several solvent polyurethanes, to add protection and gloss to leather top coats, including a range of patent systems. These are especially useful for shoes and leather goods. Many of our solvent polyurethanes also promote adhesion and resistance.

Velour finishes and water repellents for sealer and top coats

To enhance the texture and water-resistance of leather garments without compromising on usability, Stahl offers several velour finishes and water-repellent leather finishes. The range includes products from our Amollan® and Melio® portfolios, as well as PFC-free and BTX-free water repellents.

Water-based top coats for endless high-performance features

Stahl’s full range of water-based top coats adds several high-performance protective features, and includes clean, dull, intermediate, glossy, Kuppenglanz and patent top coats. Among our water-based top coats are products from our Aqualen®, Easyguard, and Astacin® portfolios.

Fastness-enhancing crosslinkers

To enhance fastness, as well as coating performance on wear, abrasion, chemical and stain resistance, toughness and blocking properties, Stahl offers a range of crosslinkers for base and top coats. Among them are environmentally friendly carbodiimide crosslinkers.

Stahl’s leather protection solutions are part of Stahl Neo® portfolio, which means that they comply with the ZDHC MRSL.

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Leather protection solutions for high-quality leather finishes
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