Compact resins that add a world of protective properties

When looking for a versatile protective properties for base coats, we recommend our compact resins. They include products from our Lepton® and Melio® portfolios, as well as cationic resins, and can be used on a wide range of leather types from full grain to splits and skins, for a range of applications in the automotive, apparel and accessories, and interior design industries.

ProductMain features
Lepton® Binder BACompact binder for corrected grain - Good cut through resistance on embossing.
Lepton® Binder NACompact microbinder for full grain leather, natural look.
Lepton® Binder SDUniversal compact binder.
Melio® 02-R-191 FMadras base coat - Ideal for foam.
Melio® 02-S-18 FHigh performance madras base coat - Cold crack resistance - Ideal for foam.
Melio® Promul® C-81College base coat.
Melio® Promul® C-83General purpose for corrected grain and college base coat.
Melio® Resin A-820.AUniversal compact binder for soft corrected grain and full grain leather.
Melio® Resin A-821Very soft and elegant base coats on corrected or full grain upholstery.
Melio® Resin A-822Compact binder for soft, corrected grain leathers (upholstery, boot nappa).
Melio® Resin A-825Compact binder for very soft base coats, specially for garment leathers.
RC-1713Flesh side binder.
RC-13-131Coverage - Uniformity - Filling.
RC-13-572RC & spatula prebase upgrade - Excellent filling property - Buffing.
RC-13-823RC prebase upgrade - Excellent filling property - Flexibility.
RC-22-068Madras base coat.
RC-22-095Madras base coat.
RC-22-452Base coat for pre-embossed leather - Mezzofiore.
RC-22-991Patent and college base coat.
RC-33-100RC sealer coat for FG.
EX-RC-38-102Very natural sealer and base coat with filling properties.
RC-38-896Fine compact base coat for full grain leathers.
RC-38-901Patent and college base coat.
RC-42-034Good water resistance and overwhole fastnesses - Natural look.
EX-RC-43-200Soft patent and college base coat.
RC-43-433Good penetration - Non film forming - Warm feel.
RC-57-368Very soft compact for pre-embossed leather type Mezzofiore - Solvent resistance.
EX-RC-57-373RC & spatula prebase upgrade - Excellent filling property - High performance.
EX-RC-59-755Compact for full grain - foam finishes.
RC-72-055Corrected grain and split finish - Good coverage - Easy to apply.
RC-17-108Cationic compact - High covering and levelling power - Natural touch.
RC-17-109Cationic compact - Polishable - High sealing properties - Good dry milling resistance.

Find out more about our compact resins and their properties by downloading the catalog.
Stahl’s compact resins add a range of protective properties to base and sealer coats, including high filling, good coverage, and water-resistance. They also form a range of base coat types including madras, patent, and college.

Versatile Lepton® binders

Stahl’s Lepton® binders are medium-soft, medium-gloss resins for base coats and, in the case of Lepton® binder NA, sealer coats, that are suitable for a range of leather types. They are particularly recommended for garment and shoes and leather goods applications. Additionally, Lepton® binder BA is suitable for use in corrected grain leather and offers excellent cut-through resistance on embossing.

Medium-gloss Melio® resins

Our Melio® range contains medium-gloss resins ranging from very soft to medium hard film hardness. They are used in base coats for a range of leathers, especially corrected grain and soft leather, and produce a number of base coat types including madras and college. In particular, our Melio® 02-R-191 F and Melio® 02-S-18-F resins are ideal for foam, while Melio® Resin A-821 adds extra-soft base coats to corrected or full grain upholstery, and Melio® Resin A-825 is a binder for soft base coats designed for garment applications.

Low-gloss, high-performance cationics

Stahl offers two cationic resins with very soft films and a dull gloss, which are used in sealer coats. They are primarily used for garments, shoes, and other leather goods applications, but also for upholstery. Our RC-17-108 resin is ideal for corrected grain leather and offers good covering and leveling with a natural texture. Our RC-17-109 is suitable for full grain, corrected grain, and skins leather, and creates a polishable finish with excellent sealing and dry milling resistance.

Stahl’s compact resins are part of our ZDHC compliant Stahl Neo® portfolio.