Butadiene and hybrid resins that add gloss and patent protection

Our butadiene and hybrid resins increase protection in leather base coats. These resins are particularly recommended for shoes and other leather goods applications but can also be used for clothing and interior design applications. They offer gloss and patent finishes, and excellent resistance properties.

ProductMain features
Butadiene Resin
RB-2330Patent base coat - Good acetone resistance.
Hybrid Resins
RH-6678Excellent cold crack & flex - Good printing properties.

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Butadiene resin for patent base coats

Stahl’s butadiene resin, RB-2330, is a medium-soft, medium-gloss resin with coarse particle size. It is used as a patent base coat and offers strong acetone resistance. In this way, it adds high-performance protection to a range of applications, particularly shoes and other leather goods.

Glossy, fine hybrid resin for excellent printing and flex

Stahl’s hybrid resin, RH-6678, is a medium-soft, high-gloss resin with fine particle size. It is used in base coats to add excellent printing properties and a highly effective cold crack and flex. It adds both gloss and protection to several applications, especially shoes and other leather goods.

Stahl’s butadiene and hybrid resins are part of our Stahl Neo® portfolio – meaning they comply with the ZDHC MRSL.