Effective impregnation resins for binding or grain-tightening

Our impregnation resins help you achieve impregnation binding or grain-tightening impregnation. They come in a range of particle sizes and film hardness, and can be used on full grain leather, corrected grain leather and skins. Our impregnation resins are recommended for leather used in shoes and leather goods but can also be used for other applications in the automotive, apparel and accessories, and interior design industries. They include products from both our Corial® and Melio® portfolios.

ProductMain features
Corial® Binder IFGood grain tightening impregnation for corrected grain, good filling - Adhesion promoter in base coats.
Corial® Ground FFull grain impregnation and adhesion binder.
Melio® Resin A-712Impregnation binder for full grain leathers and adhesion binder - Already contains penetrator.
Melio® Resin A-719Grain tightening impregnation for corrected grain, good filling - Adhesion promoter in base coats.
Melio® Resin A-776Impregnation and adhesion binder for full grain leathers.
RI-115Soft - Good grain tightening property - Good for upper wet mounting.
RI-193Promotes adhesion - Good for upper wet mounting.
RI-2060Uniform and fine break - Good water resistance.
RI-6520Uniform and fine break - Special for soft leather.
RI-6582Mellow hande - Smooth pull-up by lasting.

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High-performance impregnation resins

Stahl’s impregnation resins come in a range of particle sizes and film hardness. They offer properties such as a fine, uniform break, good water resistance and good upper wet mounting. In particular, our RI-115, with coarse particle size, is ideal for corrected grain leather, offering strong grain tightening, while our RI-6520 produces a very soft film and is specially designed for soft leather, and our RI-6582 provides a mellow handle and smooth pull-up.

Fine-particle Corial® impregnation resins

Stahl offers two impregnation resins from our Corial® portfolio. Both have fine particle sizes and good adhesion properties. Corial® Binder IF forms a medium-soft film for corrected grain leather and offers excellent grain tightening impregnation and high filling. Corial® Ground F forms a very soft film for full grain leather and offers full grain impregnation.

Impregnation and adhesion with Melio® impregnation resins

Stahl’s Melio® resins provide high-performance impregnation and adhesion properties. Melio® Resin A-712 and Melio® Resin A-776 are impregnation and adhesion binders for full grain leather, while Melio® Resin A-719 offers grain tightening impregnation for corrected grain leather. Melio® Resin A-712 already contains a penetrator.

Stahl’s impregnation resins are all ZDHC MRSL compliant, and therefore included in our Stahl Neo® portfolio.