Solvent polyurethanes that add gloss and protection to leather top coats

Our solvent polyurethanes, including our range of patent systems, add protection and various gloss effects to leather top coats, primarily for shoes and leather goods but also for other apparel, accessories, and interior design applications. Many of them also promote adhesion and resistance.

ProductTypeMain features
EX-SU-4703PUAdhesion promoter.
SU-8029PUAromatic - Reactive plasticizer.
EX-SU-62-960PUAliphatic - High performance leather goods top coat.
EX-SU-62-961PUAliphatic - High performance leather goods top coat.
SU-72-506PUGood adhesion - Good alcohol resistance - Improves fastnesses.
Patent Systems
SU-8220PolyisocyanateLightfast crosslinker for solvent patent - For white and pastel shades.
SU-8254Polyester pigmented polyolVery high gloss - Blueish white - Natural smooth feel.
SU-8255Polyester polyolVery high gloss - Deep transparency - Natural smooth feel.
SU-8260PolyisocyanateCrosslinker for solvent patent.
EX-SU-8265Polyester polyolVery high gloss - Deep transparency - Natural smooth feel - Thermosetting resistance.

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High-protection solvent polyurethanes

Our solvent polyurethanes offer properties such as good adhesion, fastness, and alcohol resistance, and are especially useful as a top coat for shoes and leather goods. They have a range of gloss effects from dull to bright, and they can also be used for upholstery applications. This range also includes a base coat that promotes adhesion and a resin that is also suitable for intermediate coats.

High-gloss patent systems

Stahl’s patent systems for use on top coats include polyisocyanate, polyester pigmented polyol, and polyester polyol resins that form films ranging from soft to very hard. They all have high glosses and are particularly useful for shoes and leather goods applications, but also for garments. They offer various colors and deep transparencies, and often act as crosslinkers and produce a natural, smooth feel. SU-8220 is especially recommended for white and pastel shades, where EX-SU-8265 has high thermosetting resistance.

Our solvent polyurethane resins are part of our Stahl Neo® portfolio, which means that they comply with the ZDHC MRSL.