Matte and gloss leather finishing

Give finished leathers your choice of deep matte and high gloss aesthetic features with Stahl leather finishing solutions. Make shoes shine with patent leather, give them a matte finish with PolyMatte® or use Stahl Oils & Waxes to create a wide variety of pull-up effects to achieve the look and feel you want.

High gloss patent leather finishing

Make a fashion statement with Stahl Patent Leather systems. Our solutions create a very high gloss finish and impart a pleasingly luxurious feel to shoes and leather goods. Our systems can be used to create vivid colors, light shades and special effects that meet your technical and aesthetic demands.
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Beautiful scratch-resistant matte coatings with PolyMatte®

Stahl PolyMatte® scratch-resistant coating prevents scuffing and staining to extend the lifespan of matte sofas, matte car, boat and airplane interiors, matte accessories and matte interior surfaces. Our industry is always pushing for more performance, easier application and an improved environmental footprint, and PolyMatte® delivers on all scores.
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High-performance oil and wax leather treatments

Our high-performance oils and waxes help to create ultimate experiences across the Apparel & Accessories, Leisure & Lifestyle and Home Furnishing industries. Stahl Oils & Waxes create a mild or strong effect on aniline pull-up leather and add a dry, silky, rich or waxy feel. We also have solutions to give outdoor leather a darker or rougher color.
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