Biodegradable and low impact degreasing agents

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Degreasing is the process of using natural products, detergents or solvents to remove fats and greases. This improves the penetration of tanning materials and dyes, and makes leather softer and pliable. Stahl offers a variety of wetting and degreasing agents that meet tomorrow’s environmental needs. As they are all ZDHC MRSL compliant, they are also included in our Stahl Neo® portfolio.

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Eusapon® EM

Eusapon® EM is a universal and high-performance, 90% concentration, non-ionic surfactant for leather with excellent emulsifying and wetting properties. Eusapon® EM is recommended for use in all processes in which fat and waxes must be well emulsified. This is particularly important for beamhouse processes. Eusapon® EM is completely biodegradable.

Eusapon® OC

Eusapon® OC is a universal and high-performance, 100% concentration, non-ionic surfactant for leather with excellent degreasing properties. It is low-foaming and can be used at any pH at all stages of leather production. The completely biodegradable Eusapon® OC does not affect the performance of water repellents that are applied later in the process.

Eusapon® OE

With Eusapon® OE, Stahl offers a universal and high-performance, non-ionic surfactant for leather. Excellent wetting and emulsifying properties make it a top choice. Eusapon® OE is low-foaming and can be used at any pH at all stages of leather production.


ProDegreaze™ is a unique biochemical degreasing agent that can strip fat from hides and skins effectively and quickly. Part of the 100% biodegradable Proviera® – Probiotics for leather™ portfolio, it can be used during several steps in the beamhouse process. It can also be used to promote the degreasing of pickle skins and wet-blue or wet-white leathers. ProDegreaze™ must always be combined with an emulsifier like Eusapon® EM. Thanks to its natural base, ProDegreaze™ actively reduces the Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) and Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) load of wastewater, reducing the pollution load in the effluent.

Tergolix® SL-01 

If you’re looking for a low impact wetting and degreasing agent, Tergolix® SL-01 is the responsible choice. Tergolix®SL-01 is biodegradable, non-ionic wetting and degreasing agent that is completely free of NPE. It shows high emulsifying and degreasing power even at low temperatures. Due to the in-built synergy between degreasing and emulsifying properties, Tergolix® SL-01 is recommended for degreasing hides and skins with a high natural fat content.

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Biodegradable and low impact degreasing agents
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