The go-to beamhouse chemicals expert

We help the tanning industry to create a more ecological beamhouse process with solutions for every step in the beamhouse process. Meeting today’s environmental challenges without compromising on leather quality. All of our Beamhouse solutions are included in our Stahl Neo® portfolio, which means that they comply with the ZDHC MRSL.

Building on years of experience in beamhouse operations and employing the best technical experts around the world, we are the go-to beamhouse chemicals expert. We help tanners reduce their water consumption and shorten the beamhouse process with responsible chemistry.

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Sustainable leather soaking chemicals

Stahl’s low-impact leather soaking solutions, like Feliderm®, drive sustainability in the beamhouse, without compromising on performance. The soaking solutions remove unwanted contaminants and rehydrate the hides completely.

Liming agents that lower environmental impact

Tanners can remove hairs, epidermis and interfibrillar proteins effectively and more sustainably by using Stahl’s liming agents. We offer a variety of liming agents and auxiliaries including our Bemanol® and Mollescal® product portfolios.

Biodegradable wetting and degreasing agents

Stahl’s low-impact biodegradable wetting and degreasing agents meet tomorrow’s environmental needs, ensure improved penetration of tanning materials and dyes, and make leather soft and pliable. The Stahl BeTan® portfolio includes Eusapon® and Tergolix® products, along with other options.