Liming agents and auxiliaries with high-quality performance and lower environmental impact

After soaking, hides and skins need to be made free of hairs, epidermis and interfibrillar proteins. This happens in the liming stage. We offer liming agents and auxiliaries that reduce the environmental impact of liming without compromising on performance. All liming agents and auxiliaries are part of our Stahl Neo® portfolio, which means that they comply with the ZDHC MRSL.

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Feliderm® L-10

Feliderm® L-10 is a special protease preparation. It is effective at high pH values and gives excellent results when employed at the liming stage. Feliderm® L-10 is used to remove hair, pigment and epidermis by entering the pores and attacking the hair roots.

Bemanol® AWS

Bemanol® AWS is a high effective liming enhancing auxiliary based on amino compounds. It acts as a penetrator for sodium sulfide and lime and also buffers and controls the pH during the liming process. Using Bemanol® AWS, pelts are flatter, have cleaner hair roots and growth marks are less visible. The resulting pelts are generally softer, tighter and less slippery, which makes them easier to split after liming.

Bemanol® RS-200

If you are looking for a next-generation anti-wrinkle agent, in Bemanol® RS-200 you’ve found it. Bemanol® RS-200 is specially developed to penetrate the base of the hair root during soaking and liming. This makes it easier to remove hair roots and scud effectively. It substantially reduces swelling, giving flatter and cleaner pelts while also improving the yield area. Bemanol® RS-200 is nitrogen free and helps reduce the total amount of sulfide used during dehairing. It also meets the higher requirements in automotive leather for low VOC values.

Bemanol® RS-300

A major problem tanners face is to obtain a clean wet-blue from hair roots. Stahl’s new generation of enzymatic liming auxiliary Bemanol® RS-300 offers a solution to this problem. Bemanol® RS-300 shows excellent penetration into the hair roots, which improves the performance when it comes to the removal of hair, pigments and epidermis. Bemanol® RS-300 is developed to minimize the use of sodium sulfide for an improved, more ecological beamhouse process.

Feliderm® MPP

To achieve a more uniform liming, Stahl offers Feliderm® MPP. This multifunctional polyphosphate helps improve the solubility of the lime for a more uniform liming. Feliderm® MPP also helps to complex metals and prevents the formation of lime blast during the liming and de-liming processes. It also is very useful in de-pickling, allowing lower concentrations of salt to be used without the risk of swelling damaging the hides or pelts. During the chrome tanning process Feliderm® MPP has a high masking effect on chrome tanning salts. The grain stabilizing effect helps to maintain a tight fine grain.

Mollescal® AB

Mollescal® AB is an amine-based salt mixture in a water-liming auxiliary. It intensifies depilation and reduces swelling, resulting in cleaner and smoother pelts.

Mollescal® LS

Mollescal® LS is an aqueous solution of organic compounds that promotes homogeneous penetration of lime and sodium sulfide. With a reducing action auxiliary, it is used in hair-save and hair-pulp-liming processes to loosen hair and reduce swelling. It gives very smooth, clean pelts and makes it possible to reduce the COD and sulfide content of the effluent. Mollescal® LS performs well with Feliderm® L 10.

Mollescal® MF

The amine- and sodium-sulfide-free Mollescal® MF is a liming auxiliary that reduces the environmental footprint of the liming stage. It can be used in conventional hair-removal and hair-saving liming processes. Mollescal® MF attacks the pre-keratinous proteins of the hair so hair roots and scud can be removed. It reduces the tension in the fiber structure of hides and skins, reducing swelling significantly during the liming process and accelerating the penetration of lime and sodium sulfide. Mollescal® MF also prevents wrinkles, growth marks and grain shrinkage, resulting in a smoother, clean and pale colored grain. It reduces the amount of sulfides required, reducing sulfide content in wastewater.

Mollescal® PN

Achieve an outstanding dispersion effect and maintain lime-liquor in suspension for longer with Mollescal® PN. This auxiliary requires smaller quantities of lime when liming and re-liming. The pelt is opened up, becoming smoother and cleaner. Mollescal® PN reduces the processing times when soaking and liming cattle hides and soaking fur skins.

Mollescal® SF

Sodium sulfide is often used to remove hair during liming and painting. Mollescal® SF is a mixture of organic reducing agents that can be used partly or fully in place of sodium sulfide and sodium hydrosulfide, decreasing the environmental footprint of the liming stage. Unlike sodium sulfide, Mollescal® SF does not release any hazardous sulfide ions into the wastewater. Limed Mollescal® SF opens the skin well and produces pelts that are very clean, with a very smooth and fine grain. The fullness and yield also increase. And as it minimizes the pelt’s sulfide content, de-liming and pickling are safer as well.