High quality wet-end leather dyes for all color shades

Our portfolio of wet-end leather dyestuffs meets the needs of the leather industry perfectly. These high-quality ranges cover all color shade, fastness and levelness requirements. They also meet the highest environmental standards as they are part of our Stahl Neo® portfolio, which means that they comply with the ZDHC MRSL. We also we offer full technical services – color matching, levelness and fastness optimization – to ensure the best application performance. Find your shade with the properties you require here.

For information on our complete wet-end leather dyes portfolio, download the product catalog at the bottom of the page.

Wet-end leather dyes and auxiliaries for optimal dyeing results

Stahl’s wet-end leather dyes and auxiliaries together deliver optimal dyeing results. From pastel shades to brilliant and uniform colors, our dyestuffs and auxiliaries help you achieve the color shades you need.

Fade-fighting metal-complex Melioderm® HF and Inoderme® Dyestuffs

Our color-fast metal-complex dyes ensure leather apparel, furniture and other items look fantastic and won’t fade. Stahl’s metal-complex Melioderm® HF and Inoderme® Dyestuffs shade undyed crust beautifully and give an aged appearance for a look that lasts and lasts.

Sustainable metal-free performance with Coriacide® Dyestuffs

Stahl is passionate about sustainable leather dyeing. Our Coriacide® metal-free dyes provide outstanding levelness and good fastness. Whether for shoes, garments, furniture, fashion, automotive, aviation or marine, Coriacide® wet-end dyes cover all your dyestuff needs with a color palette ranging from fashion colors to deep dark shades.

Dependably level pastel leathers with Derma® Soft Dyes

The excellent combinability of our Derma® Soft Dyes plus the selection of active substances delivers great leveling power, very good fastness and outstanding flexibility. These dyes are the solution for levelness – one of the biggest challenges for tanners when paler shades are needed.