Melioderm® and Inoderme® metal-complex dyes keep leather looking beautiful for longer

Buy a great-looking leather coat, jacket or other garment, and you want the appearance to be consistent and to feel sure that the color won’t bleed or fade. That it’s color-fast. Stahl’s metal-complex Melioderm® HF and Inoderme® Dyestuffs shade undyed crust beautifully and add aging to create a look that lasts and lasts. All Melioderm® HF and Inoderme® Dyestuffs shade are included in our Stahl Neo® portfolio, which complies with the ZDHC MRSL.

Download our technical sheet for all properties of our Melioderm® and Inoderme® dyestuff ranges.

Metal-complex dyes for all shades of leather

Stahl Melioderm® HF (High Fastness) and Inoderme® Dyestuffs ranges are anionic dyestuffs. Mainly homogeneous, they offer manufacturers unique dyeing and fastness properties for all kinds of leather. They meet your needs for shoes, furniture and fashion items, as well as for high-tech automotive, aviation and marine leathers. Among others.

Metal-complex dyes contain various metals, and all Melioderm® HF and Inoderme® dyes show a high level of balanced fastness properties. The Melioderm® HF range further offers exceptional fastness performance and superior combinability. Across both product lines, Melioderm® HF and Inoderme® offer these benefits:

  • Excellent dye yield

  • Complete color palette, from fashion colors to deep dark shades

  • Outstanding shade consistency

  • Remarkable compatibility, leading to maximum leveling and covering power

  • High performance

Technical support and Melioderm® HF and Inoderme® shade card

To ensure the best application performance on leather, our technical services supports you – in every region – for the perfect color matching and to optimize the levelness and fastness properties. Take a look at our Melioderm® HF and Inoderme® shade card to see which shade fits your leather requirements best.

Stahl’s wet-end leather dyes ranges

Our wet-end dyes range is a complete portfolio of high-quality leather dyestuffs that meet the dyeing needs of the leather industry perfectly. Our portfolio covers all color demands, such as shades, compatibility, fastness and levelness. In addition to our Melioderm® HF and Inoderme®  dyestuff portfolio, we offer: