Versatile combined fatliquors for all leather types

Stahl’s combined fatliquors are blends of different oils, fatty esters and other ingredients. These fatliquors fulfill specific requirements for all types of leathers. Our combined fatliquors are a responsible choice when it comes to leather production – they all comply with the ZDHC MRSL and therefore are included in our Stahl Neo® portfolio.

ProductdTypeMain features
Corilene® MLTSulphited animal oils, modified vegetable oils and aliphatic hydrocarbonsSoft leather like garments, furniture, car upholstery and leather goods. It yields excellent results in the production of chrome-free leather.
Corilene® SITSulphited blend of natural & synthetic oilsGeneral purpose highly stable combination fatliquoring agent with good all round properties.
Corilene® ULSulphonated fatty estersExcellent softening properties with rapid penetration - Low-density feel and more intense dyed crust.
Dermafinish® LB liqSelected mineral oils with emulsifiersAuxiliary in fatliquoring, dyeing or surface spray application where it increases the depth, shade and brilliance of dyed colors.
Dermalix® AS liqSynthetic softening agents and phenolic condensation productsCompact neutralising, retanning and fatliquoring agent all in one - Short time process.

Dermalix® CS liq

Compact retanning and fatliquoring agent based on natural and synthetic agentsCompact retanning and fatliquoring agent all in one product - Short process.

Dermalix® WWL pa

Specialty fatliquor based on blended fatty acid derivativesOutstanding fastness and stability properties - ideal for white, pastel shade - Stabilizing and dispersing auxiliary for pigments and other fatliquors - Suede and nubuck silky nap.
Derminol® CO-55 liqCombination of natural and synthetic componentsDeep level of softness in the leather which is combined with good fullness - Helpful in stabilising other fatliquors.
Derminol® CO-56 liqLecithin and synthetic softening agentsMaximum grain lubrication with good stability and deep penetration.
Derminol® SJB liqSynthetic fatliquor based on alkane sulphonates and polymeric materialsHighly softening synthetic fatliquor with added filling properties.
Derminol® Soft 2019 liqSynthetic esters, phospholipids and softening agentsUse as an upholstery fatliquor - High inner softness with a fluffy type feel.
Lipoderm® Eco ASSulphited esters based on renewable raw materialsFor nappa and garment.
Lipoderm® Liquor E-A1Sulphited esters based on renewable raw materialsVery soft leathers, such as garment, nappa upper & all types of milled leathers.
Lipoderm® Liquor E-XEFormulation consisting of a natural, sulphited oil and a special emulsifierHigh fastness for universal application. Softens the leather without loosening the grain - Gives a slightly greasy handle.
Lipoderm® Liquor E-XFCombination of sulphited oils of natural and synthetic originFatliquor for a wide variety of fur skins, but it is especially recommended for lambskins, sheepskins and rabbit skins
Lipoderm® Liquor E-XUSulfated natural ester compound with special emulsifiersLeather with a very full handle and a tight grain - Recommended for shoe upper leather, bag leather and fancy leather.

Environmentally responsible Corilene® fatliquors

Stahl’s Corilene® combined fatliquors are suitable for use in the production of soft to extremely soft leathers used for garments, shoes and other leather goods.

Increase color depth, shade and brilliance with Dermafinish® LB liquid

Our Dermafinish® LB liquid combination is especially good for improving dyeing results by increasing the color depth, shade and brilliance. It is used as an auxiliary in fatliquoring, dying or surface spray applications and provides low-fogging properties as well as a tight break.

Multifunctional Dermalix® solutions for neutralizing, retanning and fatliquoring

For multifunctional fatliquors, we recommend our Dermalix® solutions. Dermalix® AS liquid consists of synthetic softening agents and phenolic condensation products and can be used as an all-in-one neutralizing, retanning and fatliquoring agent. Dermalix® CS liquid is a combination of natural and synthetic agents and can be used as both a retanning and a fatliquoring agent. Both Dermalix® solutions accelerate the retanning and fatliquoring process.

Create lightweight leathers with solutions from our Derminol® portfolio

Creating lightweight leather? Our versatile Derminol® portfolio comprises fatliquor blends that are designed for the job. For outstanding fastness and stability properties, we recommend Dermalix® WWL pa, which is ideal for leather colored to white and pastel shades. Derminol® CO-56 liquid offers tanners maximum grain lubrication, good stability and deep penetration of the leather. When softness is a requirement, Derminol® SJB liquid and Derminol® Soft 2019 liquid are excellent options.

Versatile Lipoderm® fatliquors for medium to extremely soft leather

The Lipoderm® fatliquor portfolio is nothing if not versatile as it comprises combined fatliquors for medium to extremely soft leather with a variety of product benefits and applications. Take Lipoderm® Eco AS. This is a responsible choice for the fatliquoring of nappa and garment leather as it is based on sulfited esters that are derived from renewable raw materials. When producing the very softest of leathers, the renewables-based Lipoderm®Liquor E-A1 is the sustainable fatliquor of choice.