A complete portfolio of fatliquoring solutions

During fatliquoring, oils and greases are incorporated into the leather. This prevents stiff leather from cracking when it is bent acutely. Stahl offers an extensive portfolio of fatliquors to help tanners produce leather that fulfills the high quality demands of their customers. Our fatliquors meet the highest environmental standards as they are all included in our Stahl Neo® portfolio, which means that they comply with the ZDHC MRSL.
For an overview of our portfolio for fatliquoring, download the product catalog at the bottom of the page.

Produce lightweight leather with our polymer fatliquors

Reducing the weight of leather can sometimes be vital. In the mobility industry, for example, weight savings deliver better performance and a lower environmental footprint. But in the apparel industry, too, lightweight leather is highly appreciated as it makes leather products easier to wear and carry. Our polymer fatliquors, including products from our Relugan®, Stahlite® and Corilene® portfolios, offers solutions that can reduce the weight of leathers by up to a third without comprising on quality.

Natural fatliquors suitable for low-fogging leather

All our natural fatliquors are suitable for low-fogging leather. Each solution also enables tanners to apply specific properties to the leather to meet the demands of their customers. Our portfolio includes solutions from the Derminol®, Lipoderm® and Corilene® portfolio.

Create extremely soft leather with Stahl’s synthetic fatliquors

Our synthetic based fatliquors are especially suited to use in the production of extremely soft leathers. Comprising our Derminol® and Corilene® solutions, it help tanners produce leathers that feel and are lightweight and have a tight break.

Combined fatliquors that help tanners meet specific requirements

Different types of fatliquors are often combined. These combined fatliquors are finetuned to fulfill specific requirements in the production of different types of leather. Stahl’s combined fatliquors portfolio includes solutions from the Corilene®, Dermafinish®, Dermalix®, Derminol® and Lipoderm® ranges.

Cationic fatliquors with excellent fastness properties

With sustainability a top priority, we see the industry moving towards more environmentally friendly products and processes. Our cationic fatliquors enable tanners to cut their chemical usage and so reduce their environmental impact, without compromising on quality. Our cationic fatliquors portfolio comprises our Catalix® and Lipoderm®solutions.